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2017-10-22 10:37:54 UTC  

Thanks, @trent

2017-10-22 10:39:52 UTC  

And to what =14/88= said, I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. Putting in racial minorities (who obviously can't help having differently colored skin but probably have their own sex appeal) isn't degeneracy. Putting men who think that they are women totally is.

2017-10-22 10:40:51 UTC  

you are not thinking about the times when they were put in

2017-10-22 10:40:58 UTC  

its absolutely no different

2017-10-22 10:41:12 UTC  

and this is how this filth gets normalised

2017-10-22 10:41:56 UTC  

it was only a couple of decades ago that these half faggots would have been beat in the streets.... and only a few more before that that niggers were forced to the back of the bus......

2017-10-22 10:42:15 UTC  

and seen as the animals they are

2017-10-22 10:43:10 UTC  

even simple nudity back when playboy started was complete degeneracy at the time

2017-10-22 10:43:30 UTC  

Treating people as filth for reasons that they have no control over has no justification regardless of the era.

2017-10-22 10:43:45 UTC  

"no control over"

2017-10-22 10:43:57 UTC

2017-10-22 10:44:04 UTC  

fuck that excuse

2017-10-22 10:44:44 UTC

2017-10-22 10:45:32 UTC  

That doesn't necessarily mean that the black Playmates were murderers.

2017-10-22 10:45:57 UTC  

no, i never said they were murders, just different species to the target audience...

2017-10-22 10:46:32 UTC  

Besides. If Hugh Hefner was wrong to defy the racial bigotry of his era, then how is it any better for us to defy the political stigma of our times?

2017-10-22 10:46:32 UTC  

urgh, ffs... cant be fucked fixing it again. you know what i meant

2017-10-22 10:47:14 UTC  

that question dosnt make any sense to me at all

2017-10-22 10:47:33 UTC  

he pushed what was considered degeneracy his whole life

2017-10-22 10:47:41 UTC  

*degen of the times

2017-10-22 10:47:48 UTC  

So if black people aren't human, then they really can't help it. But if they are human, they should be held to higher standards. And the people who aren't killing each other ought to be treated decently.

2017-10-22 10:48:38 UTC  

no, they evolved differently to us some 200k years ago (iirc) and are incompatible with european culture and civility

2017-10-22 10:49:23 UTC  

And some of them made good music and played good sports.

2017-10-22 10:49:28 UTC  

and if we could just be fucking honest about it we could get over al lthis "racism" and all the fucking problems race cause

2017-10-22 10:50:16 UTC  

imo it is unfair to force low IQ savages to try and conform to a civilisation they are obviously completely unable to conform with

2017-10-22 10:50:32 UTC  

Even though some of them do

2017-10-22 10:50:33 UTC  

and its making everyone unhappy

2017-10-22 10:50:58 UTC  

very few do

2017-10-22 10:51:08 UTC  

The ones who don't make headlines do

2017-10-22 10:51:38 UTC  

no, you are being disingenuous

2017-10-22 10:51:58 UTC  

MOST have similar mind sets that they are somehow underprivileged etc

2017-10-22 10:52:06 UTC  

that they are owed something

2017-10-22 10:52:29 UTC  

You are being disingenuous to accuse a collective of being incapable of something that plenty of people in that group have proven that they are capable of achieving.

2017-10-22 10:52:47 UTC  

*small percentage

2017-10-22 10:52:52 UTC  

tiny even

2017-10-22 10:53:39 UTC  

As far as the mindset, that is indoctrinated to them during their lives by leftist propaganda.

2017-10-22 10:53:46 UTC  

they have evolved for thousands of years for "gibs"

2017-10-22 10:54:35 UTC  

They aren't born with the notion in their minds that all white people are evil and are out to oppress them. There are people who are teaching that to the black youth.

2017-10-22 10:54:56 UTC  

well... no i have to disagree again

2017-10-22 10:55:16 UTC  

they have siginificantly different brain structures, IQ levles and hormone levels

2017-10-22 10:55:43 UTC  

the same thing that evolved them to be great athletes have also evolved them in harmfuil ways