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2017-10-11 22:05:26 UTC  

Like this.

2017-10-11 22:05:29 UTC  


2017-10-11 22:05:32 UTC  

Would you kindly.

2017-10-11 22:05:36 UTC  

Let me in the staff room?

2017-10-11 22:07:49 UTC

2017-10-11 22:12:10 UTC

2017-10-11 22:12:25 UTC  

Same as Lee

2017-10-11 22:12:37 UTC  

Same as Rommel

2017-10-11 22:16:21 UTC  


2017-10-11 22:16:24 UTC  

uploading my work files

2017-10-11 22:16:41 UTC  

my obs is all set up so once this big file is uploaded lets run the test @vec

2017-10-11 22:17:14 UTC  

@Cpt.Pipedream ok doke, you seemed to be lagging there? might be your bandwidth getting strained

2017-10-11 22:17:33 UTC  

yea the uploads are like 10 gigs so whenever i upload i cant speak in vc

2017-10-11 22:17:38 UTC  


2017-10-11 22:17:45 UTC  

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2017-10-11 22:27:38 UTC  

@NightElf are you happy the Jewish manager has been fired?

2017-10-11 22:31:27 UTC  


2017-10-11 22:35:22 UTC  

@Soft Spoken Person Give this guy a cuck role.

2017-10-11 22:41:42 UTC

2017-10-11 22:43:31 UTC  

@Maddy yes i forgive u

2017-10-11 23:08:56 UTC  
2017-10-11 23:10:43 UTC

2017-10-11 23:12:42 UTC  

Fucking <#350739775214583812> is in all Spanish and French lol

2017-10-11 23:14:07 UTC

2017-10-11 23:14:40 UTC

2017-10-11 23:14:45 UTC  

mfw transgender surgery

2017-10-11 23:15:25 UTC

2017-10-11 23:15:30 UTC

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2017-10-11 23:23:21 UTC  

Which actress is that?

2017-10-11 23:23:30 UTC  

With the kike?

2017-10-11 23:25:18 UTC  

Emma Watson