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2017-10-22 17:11:47 UTC  

the statue is owned by the chinks

2017-10-22 17:13:47 UTC  

Ahh this is where ARyan Republic argues that Capitalism is a Marxist ideology

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2017-10-22 17:16:24 UTC  

@JacobFox to call yourself a capitalist is to say capitalism is the cornerstone of society.

2017-10-22 17:17:25 UTC  

That is why you believe Africans don't do well they had less resources

2017-10-22 17:17:43 UTC  

I don't call myself a Capitalist though

2017-10-22 17:17:56 UTC  


2017-10-22 17:18:05 UTC  

I beleive culture, society, faith have a lot to do with it

2017-10-22 17:18:12 UTC  

Genetics may also play a part

2017-10-22 17:19:28 UTC

2017-10-22 17:23:15 UTC  

>tfw Darth is a post modernist

2017-10-22 17:28:38 UTC  

@Aryan Republic when you hear their answer you use you sense perceptions

2017-10-22 17:29:08 UTC  

even kant said snese perceptions are subjective -_________-

2017-10-22 17:29:18 UTC  

kant wasnt a post mod

2017-10-22 17:29:22 UTC  

marx wasnt even born

2017-10-22 17:29:26 UTC  

when he said that

2017-10-22 17:30:08 UTC  
2017-10-22 17:30:54 UTC  

your *knowledge* of the physical is subjective

2017-10-22 17:30:56 UTC  

Darth Dawkins#9947 Darth Dawkins#1495 Yeah but if we can verify we heard the same thing and describe the samething or use it the same way then we can verify our sense perception is correct <@320281143763271710>

2017-10-22 17:31:18 UTC  

how can you verify you heard the same thing without using senses

2017-10-22 17:34:55 UTC  


2017-10-22 17:35:00 UTC  

your needed in voice chat

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What is it?


2017-10-22 17:35:21 UTC  

imobrogoline is mic spam

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The fact others use the same senses proves our senses work as a standard

2017-10-22 17:38:26 UTC  

why does it have to be the *christian* worldview

2017-10-22 17:38:48 UTC  

it could be any worldview that presupposes a higher power

2017-10-22 17:39:08 UTC  

You have a world view and darth has a world view, then there are facts

2017-10-22 17:39:09 UTC  


2017-10-22 17:39:16 UTC  

and even that is debateble

aryan rep is a pagan

heresy to the odinist religion

2017-10-22 17:39:59 UTC  

need a mod again

2017-10-22 17:40:00 UTC  

haha so bad

2017-10-22 17:41:16 UTC  

@.PunishedShlomo Thanks dude, appreciate it

2017-10-22 17:41:19 UTC