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2017-10-01 12:44:53 UTC  

I've no clue

2017-10-01 12:44:58 UTC  

I don't think he's implying that you said that :p

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So, you have a few questions

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I said i'm not much of a joiner. 😁

2017-10-01 12:45:34 UTC  

So you're asking me or no

2017-10-01 12:45:42 UTC  

He is asking

2017-10-01 12:45:45 UTC  

And I asked you a question

2017-10-01 12:45:56 UTC  

I'm confused now

2017-10-01 12:45:58 UTC  

Really interested in the answer to my question

2017-10-01 12:46:05 UTC  

Which is

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"Well, then why can't i just sit quietly with my KJV in my yard, read peacfully and reference some queries using the web, instead of going to a mass/ritual?"

2017-10-01 12:46:16 UTC  

"That's an answer you give when you are asked. But what if we ask the bible? - What does it say about that question ?"

2017-10-01 12:46:20 UTC  

These 2 questions

2017-10-01 12:46:26 UTC  

Go ahead, friend :)

2017-10-01 12:46:33 UTC  

So the first one

2017-10-01 12:46:37 UTC  

I never said you had to

2017-10-01 12:46:43 UTC  

I won't say you have to

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May I rephrase it first? The second one

2017-10-01 12:46:59 UTC  

I've no clue, you can read the bible yourself and see

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Ah, nevermind.

2017-10-01 12:47:15 UTC  

I thought it would be confusing

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Church can be a powerful experience. Everyone singing and joining together as a community. All on the same page, sharing that energy of unity.

2017-10-01 12:48:47 UTC  

I agree, your point?

2017-10-01 12:49:20 UTC  

My point was, i can read the bible on my own and reference it, without having to join a church.

2017-10-01 12:49:33 UTC  

I know?

2017-10-01 12:49:34 UTC  

I've always seen church as polite peer pressure. Tbh. :)

2017-10-01 12:49:59 UTC  

Polite peer pressure

2017-10-01 12:50:12 UTC  

Are you implying sin is polite peer pressure

2017-10-01 12:50:56 UTC  

No, what I mean is, is that I wouldn't ever act or speak out of turn, out of respect for the church or the religion - So should I happen to enter one, I end up participating

2017-10-01 12:51:04 UTC  

To me. A church like experience is going on a hike in the woods and hearing the wind in the trees. Listening to a stream. This is proof of a world and existence that is bigger than i am.

2017-10-01 12:52:36 UTC  

Okay then, y'all have seemingly walked your own way in this conversation I don't know what your opinions or points are so have a nice day and

2017-10-01 12:52:38 UTC  

God bless

2017-10-01 12:53:10 UTC  

How about this question: can i just believe in God and have that faith, without ever touching a bible or any other religious text?

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