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2017-10-09 17:46:34 UTC  

heh i think we will test the h-bomb today

2017-10-09 17:47:17 UTC  


2017-10-09 17:47:46 UTC  

heh no

2017-10-09 17:47:49 UTC  


2017-10-09 17:59:17 UTC  

inb4 that shit gets slapped down by the courts

2017-10-09 18:01:44 UTC  

Nothing weird at all

2017-10-09 18:01:57 UTC  

just another murder suicide

2017-10-09 18:02:00 UTC  

happens all the time doesn it

2017-10-09 18:02:18 UTC  

It just something that Key Witnesses do

2017-10-09 18:02:26 UTC  


2017-10-09 18:02:36 UTC  

Survivor's Guilt

2017-10-09 18:02:45 UTC  

completely fine completely normal

2017-10-09 18:03:10 UTC  


2017-10-09 18:04:38 UTC  

So he kills himself AND his disabled daughter

2017-10-09 18:04:58 UTC  

I don't think a father would do that to his daughter

2017-10-09 18:05:19 UTC  

with a shotgun no less

2017-10-09 18:05:32 UTC  


2017-10-09 18:05:53 UTC  

this FBI/CIA shit reeks

2017-10-09 18:06:04 UTC  

Do they think noone will think this is weird?

2017-10-09 18:06:10 UTC  

hehe you guys won't we it comjng

2017-10-09 18:07:08 UTC  

The weird part for me is that they didn't even announce there were key witnesses, and suddenly that's all the news cares about now

2017-10-09 18:07:29 UTC  

I mean, a witness isn't a suspect, so why the secrecy?

2017-10-09 18:07:43 UTC  

really was pushing that Lone Wolf story

2017-10-09 18:07:49 UTC  

probably so people don't go after the witnesses

2017-10-09 18:07:59 UTC  

Unless he ***was*** a suspect, in that case, why not use the word *suspect* instead of witness

2017-10-09 18:09:12 UTC  

Considering there was around 1000 or so people at the concert, and likely others just looking outside of Windows of buildings, there's be a lot of people that would be witnesses

2017-10-09 18:09:22 UTC  

What made him a ***key witness***?

2017-10-09 18:10:34 UTC  

And the FBI doesn't typically raid the homes of "witnesses".

2017-10-09 18:10:38 UTC  

this reeks

2017-10-09 18:12:14 UTC  

"Listing himself (Bielman) as a “product design and manufacturing professional”, this report continues, John Beilman was employed by Ultralife Corporation between 2007-2012 where he worked on various top-secret communications systems for the US military"

2017-10-09 18:12:47 UTC  

"CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, a cell phone charger was discovered that had no accompanying phone—with SVR technology experts noting that this type of charger is used to charge a CP502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 Non-rechargeable Thin Cell Battery used in various communication devices by both US Special Forces and CIA forces."

2017-10-09 18:13:05 UTC  

The company making this unique lithium battery, this report details, is Ultralife Corporation, based in Newark, New York, that specializes in military communications systems for the Pentagon

2017-10-09 18:13:36 UTC  


2017-10-09 18:13:46 UTC  

possibly he was key as to attest to the model of the phone charger found in the hotel room

2017-10-09 18:14:07 UTC  

this is some deep state shit

2017-10-09 18:14:14 UTC  


2017-10-09 18:14:19 UTC  

For once, I'd have to agree