Message from TormentDubz in The Right Server #chat

2017-09-28 01:35:34 UTC  

is that the jew?

2017-09-28 01:35:36 UTC  

How's it going?

2017-09-28 01:35:40 UTC  

@zanezavin Hi babe

2017-09-28 01:35:48 UTC  

oh shit it is

2017-09-28 01:35:49 UTC  

@KennyD hello again babe

2017-09-28 01:35:49 UTC  

@zanezavin lots of scar tissue in the deep muscle from the long delay between sugery and pt, so its painful.. very painful. have to break it all apart so it can form in line with the muscle

2017-09-28 01:35:53 UTC  

hwood has arrived

2017-09-28 01:35:56 UTC  

suggestion: have separate roles and name colors for different pronouns so we dont all mis-gender each other. just so no one gets offended

2017-09-28 01:36:04 UTC  

@!𝓐𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓮 𝓟𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓻𝓪𝓰𝓸𝓷 All my progress over the last few months.........DELETED!

2017-09-28 01:36:05 UTC  


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2017-09-28 01:36:14 UTC  

@Juan Rico slow bday but i prefer that

2017-09-28 01:36:18 UTC  

@SwayInstinct that's only 2 roles, shouldn't be too hard

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his 100K in the other is gone

2017-09-28 01:36:33 UTC  

@TormentDubz REEEEEEE

2017-09-28 01:36:34 UTC  

@zanezavin Means the entire ward isn't trying to die on you

2017-09-28 01:36:49 UTC  

UP TO 124 😃

2017-09-28 01:37:17 UTC  

we all know there are 3 genders m8

2017-09-28 01:37:22 UTC  

male, female, retarded

2017-09-28 01:37:27 UTC  

@Juan Rico didn't work, i took today off, friday I start back up

2017-09-28 01:37:34 UTC  
2017-09-28 01:37:34 UTC  

@whytho On the basis of a new Discord, I hope you burn in hell in this one as well

2017-09-28 01:37:36 UTC  


2017-09-28 01:37:39 UTC  

never took a birthday on ahift

2017-09-28 01:37:43 UTC  

shift also

2017-09-28 01:37:52 UTC  

Oh it's your birthday? I hope it was a good one.

2017-09-28 01:38:14 UTC  

Took my jeeerrrb!

2017-09-28 01:38:20 UTC  

@theherofails are you unable to take painkillers