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You are welcome here

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No, you're welcome here

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To be clear, fascism is national socialism, where the people are bounded by nationality, as opposed to communism, where the people are instead united by enconomic class

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but being a leftist, it's fair that you be identified as a cuck

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fascism and communism end up being the same in practice

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Also, national socialism is still socialism

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lol the memes ive seen of cucks are always whites like seing their wives fucked by black dudes, im not into that

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Fascism is arguably more centrist than socialism, but Mussolini was a leftist at heart

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...and not a whole lot of people actually know this. They think because Hitler invaded Russia they must be opposite ideologically but it was just the competition for power

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@Fusion true, on both of those points

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@Fusion brilliant

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Mussolini himself was a socialist before he developed the concept of fascism

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thus fascism naturally borrowed a lot from Marxism, socialism, and communism which had preceded it

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were am I?

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In a place where you will receive headpats :3

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woop woop

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I've been througn socialism. It sucks.

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@// tell us your story please.

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@// where from?

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Socialism - any form - also necessiates totalitarianism, so that the individual exists as a means to the ends of the state, always in the name of the common good. Collectivism and big government is prioritized over individualism and limited government

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ah, youve been through a dictatorship@//

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Well, when I've reached maturity it was already falling apart

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Thanks Gorbachev

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@Clonemaster™ 6.41 socialism does not have a standard definition, it varies depending on the country/people doing it

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usually a response to capitalism failling a people

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for instance in venzuela it is called " chavismo"

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I don't recall there having been a socialist regime without an authoritarian/totalitarian government

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It's what must be done in order for the government's centralized planning to be upheld. It's essential.

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for instance in venzuela it is called " chavismo"

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Gave most of you serious user and removed @Blood cuck role so if your debate ever gets memed up in main chat you can move to <#356277119862439937> 🙂

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And some countries espouse socialsim but aren't willing to do what's necessary to enact it wholly.

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So they're not really socialist

2017-09-28 07:31:01 UTC  

At least, the economy isn't

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@king 😃

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What *is* 'real socialism', in your view?