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2017-09-28 08:04:32 UTC  

It was a deliberate attempt to falsely claim that sawblades can cause cancer.

2017-09-28 08:04:50 UTC  

Thereby using the claim that it causes cancer to dissuade people from ever purchasing it.

2017-09-28 08:04:56 UTC  

@Blood it costs the company money to print that on there or they'[email protected] fined.

2017-09-28 08:05:01 UTC  

And thus impacting the potential profit that can be made from the sale of that item.

2017-09-28 08:05:01 UTC  

@Clonemasterâ„¢ 6.41 right, except the problem is not gov, ITS CORPORATIONS trying to buy off the gov, with less gov, they dont have to pay off shit, they now have afree pass to do as they please lmao

2017-09-28 08:05:03 UTC  

cornsyrup apparently isn't processed the same as sugar, as it is very fattening

2017-09-28 08:05:05 UTC  

If so, then it's a severely midguided attempt.

2017-09-28 08:05:24 UTC  

People that buy sawblades aren't concerned with what they cause

2017-09-28 08:05:25 UTC  

@Aqua [FC Gazovik Damascus] no i live in sweden mate cuckistan

2017-09-28 08:05:36 UTC  

> impeaching trump for having 2 scwoops

2017-09-28 08:05:40 UTC  

@fr got you mixed up with someone, then

2017-09-28 08:05:43 UTC  


2017-09-28 08:05:43 UTC  

I challenge anyone in this chat to indisputably prove to me that sawblades cause cancer.

2017-09-28 08:05:44 UTC  

sorry m8

2017-09-28 08:05:50 UTC  

its k

2017-09-28 08:05:57 UTC  

@Extra Crispy whatever happened to plain old American sugar. smh

2017-09-28 08:06:00 UTC  

@Fusion lol, i agree it is silly

2017-09-28 08:06:06 UTC  

@futurestorms It ended up in Mexico

2017-09-28 08:06:10 UTC  

in Mexican Coke.

2017-09-28 08:06:15 UTC  


2017-09-28 08:06:32 UTC  

cornsyrup was subsidized, and eventually a number of research projects made it cheaper to produce and purchase than sugar

2017-09-28 08:06:39 UTC  

@Composers Please can I get Textipede and Serious User 🤠

2017-09-28 08:06:40 UTC  

@Fusion mexican coke is delicious. Soda in large quantities is bad.

2017-09-28 08:07:01 UTC  

Honestly, real sugar sodas do taste a lot better than sodas with corn syrup.

2017-09-28 08:07:16 UTC  

I can't distinguish specifically what it is about the taste, but it's just better.

2017-09-28 08:07:28 UTC  

@Extra Crispy Corn by products are in a lot of stuff. We grow so much of it.

2017-09-28 08:07:40 UTC  

the only reasons as to why the corporations have more say in gov't than us is because the corporate tax holds less of an influence on corporations than the income tax does on citizens, resulting in more money being available for corporations than citizens

2017-09-28 08:07:52 UTC  

It's like how diet sodas suck - you can't put your finger on why they taste so bad, but they just do

2017-09-28 08:07:59 UTC  

@Fusion I'll take a small batch cream soda with cane sugar any day.

2017-09-28 08:08:00 UTC  

@futurestorms imagine if corporations could put addictive chemicals that would make you want to purchase said soda and consume it in a very alarming rate, regardless of health concerns to you, you think they would not if they could? there motive after all is profit

2017-09-28 08:08:11 UTC  

@Blood well the the government handles the perogatives that the constitution delegates to the government, so it's only the government's responsibility to protect the rights of coporations just as any citizen's rights are protected. It's not the government's job to regulate them

2017-09-28 08:08:14 UTC  

the chemicals in diet sodas are known to directly cause cancer

2017-09-28 08:08:22 UTC  

>addictive chemicals

2017-09-28 08:08:33 UTC  


2017-09-28 08:08:35 UTC  

They already have that

2017-09-28 08:08:44 UTC  

it's called cigarettes.

2017-09-28 08:08:50 UTC  

@Blood Good. Wish i thought of it. No one is holding a gun to my head saying 'drink it, NOW'

2017-09-28 08:08:59 UTC  

Personally think cigarettes have no purpose.

2017-09-28 08:09:03 UTC  

@Clonemasterâ„¢ 6.41 first of no, the constitution does not mention protecting corporations, also what kind of biases shit is, "protecting them " but not "regullationg them"

2017-09-28 08:09:04 UTC  

the gov't subsidized research programs that would make addictive fattening chemicals easier to produce and cheaper to purchase than regular sugar

2017-09-28 08:09:13 UTC  

The tobacco in them could be used for poultices instead of smoking.