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I'm chilean

2017-09-28 13:38:14 UTC  

Brazil is likely worse than Mexico.

2017-09-28 13:38:20 UTC  

So basically this server exists because of a mod revolt?

2017-09-28 13:38:39 UTC  

Highest tier South Americans, well done.

2017-09-28 13:38:48 UTC  

didn't take long to build back up

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I read something recently on Brazilian women and how the vast majority of them don't want children of color. No shit. They want white kids.

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This server is manifestly inferior than Centipede Central. Many more angry cucks and autism.

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that's unfortunate

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is manifestly a word

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you sonofabitch @Chris Edward Hansen

2017-09-28 13:41:02 UTC  

Someone needs to lead this Sammy boy to the Church.

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@Strykr Glad you've found your wy here

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just ignore ppl like that lol

2017-09-28 13:41:59 UTC  

its low quality bait

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oh no. he's here

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You guys did hear about how when Mattis plane was landing on the runway in Afganistan just a few days ago the Taliban began an assault on it right? Mattis responded by calling in airstrikes of course. They literally tried to kill him but he turned around and slaughtered all of them.

2017-09-28 13:43:31 UTC  

commence snore fest

2017-09-28 13:44:02 UTC  

Shit really happened, check it out its in the news.

2017-09-28 13:44:04 UTC  

I heard no news about mattis

2017-09-28 13:44:15 UTC  

Will do

2017-09-28 13:44:42 UTC  

For a gay man, Mattis has a heart of steel.

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2017-09-28 13:45:08 UTC  

were they throwing the bullets? lol

2017-09-28 13:45:09 UTC  

This kid is too stupid to have an opinion

2017-09-28 13:45:16 UTC  

@[Lex] yer going to hell for that one son.

2017-09-28 13:45:42 UTC  

**When you're half Mexican but liberals tell you you're racist against Mexicans**

2017-09-28 13:46:21 UTC  

>When Mexican finally becomes a race

2017-09-28 13:46:31 UTC  

The man's never married or had documented a single heterosexual relationship. Fishy. He must have first trained in the navy.

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@[Lex] the man loves a good whore

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A good man whore methinks.

2017-09-28 13:47:44 UTC  

mattis dont need no woman, the war is his woman

2017-09-28 13:47:47 UTC