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2017-09-29 22:09:14 UTC  

im chirstian

2017-09-29 22:09:16 UTC  

im going the heaven

2017-09-29 22:09:23 UTC  

with jesus

2017-09-29 22:09:23 UTC  

I'm a catholic

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2017-09-29 22:10:02 UTC  

Agnostic thiest

2017-09-29 22:10:05 UTC  

the problem with islam is that its an integrated economic/religious system which will always encroach on purely religious ones

2017-09-29 22:10:17 UTC  

people get economic benefits for joining islam

ah, catholic, what a great religion

2017-09-29 22:10:32 UTC  

look at what islam has done to the middle east

2017-09-29 22:10:35 UTC  

and of course one there it violently surpresses other religions

2017-09-29 22:10:39 UTC  

took em back 100 years

2017-09-29 22:10:58 UTC  

The current pope is a disgrace tho

2017-09-29 22:11:00 UTC  

living in a majority christian country in this day in age is no problem for any religion

2017-09-29 22:11:04 UTC  

Whatever the relgoin we can all agree

wanna become a christian lads, where do i find a nigger to wash his feet ))

2017-09-29 22:11:11 UTC  

@𝔞𝔯𝔟𝔢𝔦𝔱 𝔪𝔞𝔠𝔥𝔱 𝔣𝔯𝔢𝔦 we need a new pope. One who will call for a crusade

2017-09-29 22:11:13 UTC  

Islam is cancer

2017-09-29 22:11:21 UTC  

yeah i wrote about the pope a couple of days ago

2017-09-29 22:11:40 UTC  

he is doing this because catholisism is losing ground everywhere but south america/central america

2017-09-29 22:11:43 UTC  

when theres a high quality discussion in <#350739775214583812> 🤤

2017-09-29 22:11:51 UTC  

Exactly the pope needs to call out islam

2017-09-29 22:12:07 UTC  

so they are modeling catholisism now after that

2017-09-29 22:12:10 UTC  

which is dumb

2017-09-29 22:12:17 UTC  

i think trumps travel ban has saved us from all the terror attacks happening in europe

2017-09-29 22:12:21 UTC  

because what they practice there is liberation theology

2017-09-29 22:12:23 UTC  

cause otherwise they would be here

2017-09-29 22:12:35 UTC  

And the pope

2017-09-29 22:12:37 UTC  

Hates trump

2017-09-29 22:12:40 UTC  

i think the war in iraq saved us from more terror attacks

2017-09-29 22:13:03 UTC  

when the US gets attacked we violently lash out at whoever we feel like so countries are more wary

2017-09-29 22:13:12 UTC  

when britain gets attacked they bend over

2017-09-29 22:13:24 UTC  

like france and germany so its ok to target them

I think I will become a follower of Angela Merkel who is the leader of the Christian Democratic Union, and i will allow a million niggers into my country because as a good christian i turn the other cheek 😃

2017-09-29 22:13:33 UTC  

@tsuke the war on Iraq was a collosal waste of money

2017-09-29 22:13:43 UTC  

Yo, archive the CNBC articles. Don't give them add revenue

2017-09-29 22:13:45 UTC  

what up

2017-09-29 22:13:49 UTC  

no it wasnt

2017-09-29 22:13:55 UTC  

get the facts straight