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nice troll

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No glober has ever measured the curvature of the globe, only assumed that it is a globe due to the light cast by what appears in the sky. Only flat earthers do experiments to measure the curvature. Everyone else just assumes they haven’t been misinformed. 🔭

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You will die for your racial remarks

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@Dolly hello, its me, your new orbiter 🙂

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xd flat Earth israel

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Israel is flat like everywhere else on our flat plane earth.

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id like to see Israel flattened.

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@77777777 You will be able to see the curvature of the Earth if you go to a high enough altitude. It's not going to be visible at 6 feet off the ground.

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General Mad Dogg - Today at 07:31
i think you fags might just be un-americans

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Would support of accelerationism count?

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The highest altitude footage ever recorded without a fisheye lense shows a flat horizon.

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The red bull space jump had a flat horizon at 24 miles up.

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accelerationism is the only way anything will ever change. it is tricky though. you have to support some harm coming to your people to support it

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if the earth is a sphere then why don't people just fall off?

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My own modelling on blender to make a scale model of what the curve of the earth should look like has proven to me that the earth is not a ball.

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cus ur fat

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So you're telling me I could walk off the edge of the world

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You just have to run far enough

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The earth is enclosed in an electromagnetic firmament. That is why we are able to have an atmosplane pressure.

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electromagnetic firmament is a creation made by the chinks to prevent us from attacking them

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Wouldn't gravity prevent a flat earth

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@Nordel The Earth is a sphere and the reason why people don't fall off is because there is no edge to fall off of.

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Discord has so many porn servers

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Or is gravity just a spook?

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science advice from rainbow dash... nice

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Spheres are actually just ugly triangles so

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Grace to you and peace jenso

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“Gravity” is disproven by vacuum pumps used to lift heavy objects. If space is a vacuum, it would be impossible to lift things using a vacuum.

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