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2017-10-05 12:04:36 UTC  

@77777777 Proof?

2017-10-05 12:04:41 UTC  

@77777777 I think reincarnation is at least as speculative as the afterlife.

2017-10-05 12:04:48 UTC  

bit of a socialist. national socialst. not fully a strasserite tho

2017-10-05 12:05:02 UTC  

literally nazi

2017-10-05 12:05:11 UTC  

civic nationalist tho

2017-10-05 12:05:14 UTC  

Reincarnation is supported by huge numbers of wel investigated factual accounts through all history including recent times

2017-10-05 12:05:37 UTC  

I'm talking about flat earth

2017-10-05 12:05:38 UTC  

Funny. No one here has died and therefore cannot lay claim of an afterlife etc.

2017-10-05 12:05:49 UTC  

evidence for Christianity isn't just tha

2017-10-05 12:05:50 UTC  

I notice that Eustalthios' avatar is a hammer and sword, not a hammer and sickle.

2017-10-05 12:05:50 UTC  

Flat earth is very easy to prove simply the lack of curve over rivers; lakes and oceans as demonstrated by accelerometers, laser levels, long distance photography

2017-10-05 12:05:53 UTC  

the word of God tells us what we need to know

2017-10-05 12:05:54 UTC  

I am asserting it but

2017-10-05 12:06:01 UTC  

the Old Testament books are full of prophecies fulfilled by Jesus

2017-10-05 12:06:06 UTC  

and people were willing to die while proclaiming Jesus rose again

2017-10-05 12:06:11 UTC  

also His morality is the best

2017-10-05 12:06:14 UTC  

old testament is about the jews nigga

2017-10-05 12:06:18 UTC  

have you read it?

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2017-10-05 12:06:23 UTC  

the whole thing?

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2017-10-05 12:06:30 UTC  

what's the name of the guy who stabbed 2 people simultaneously

2017-10-05 12:06:31 UTC  

@77777777 Oh please do show me some of this

2017-10-05 12:06:50 UTC  

Girl what's his name

2017-10-05 12:06:52 UTC  

tick tock

2017-10-05 12:06:54 UTC  

wtf I thought flat earth was originally a meme

2017-10-05 12:07:08 UTC  

if you can't remember that memorable passage

2017-10-05 12:07:13 UTC  

I doubt you have read the OT

2017-10-05 12:07:17 UTC  

@Semperix It wasn't until Ancient Greeks proved it wrong

2017-10-05 12:07:24 UTC  

@77777777 I have literally stood on a beach and seen a sailboat move away. First the boat disappeared, then the mast. If the earth was flat, i would've seen the whole boat get smaller.

2017-10-05 12:07:41 UTC  

I know, but I meant nowadays. @Die fahne hoch!

2017-10-05 12:08:00 UTC  

"We have members all over the globe"

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2017-10-05 12:08:04 UTC  

It's a meme

2017-10-05 12:08:09 UTC  

why are you idiots still talking about flat earth?

2017-10-05 12:08:16 UTC  

@Eustathios Reasons

2017-10-05 12:08:32 UTC  

this kid is clearly trolling you. its a waste of time

2017-10-05 12:08:46 UTC  

It's just funny.

2017-10-05 12:08:49 UTC  

@Eustathios It's a fun exercise.

2017-10-05 12:09:00 UTC  

@Semperix It is probably still a meme to a lot of people, at least to the people who don't outright believe it unironically, just like antisemitism/racism in the Alt-Right. I honestly believe there are some people in this movement who are just in it for the memes and there are people in this movement who really do hate people based on race and ethnicity, and it's impossible to tell who is who because the language is indistinguishable.

2017-10-05 12:09:47 UTC