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2017-10-22 15:52:13 UTC  

@AIDSFrodo He admired what we did to the native americans

2017-10-22 15:52:17 UTC  


2017-10-22 15:52:21 UTC  

Not andrew jackson in particular

2017-10-22 15:52:30 UTC  

he did admire andrew jackson

2017-10-22 15:52:31 UTC  

And just because he *liked* andrew jackson

2017-10-22 15:52:36 UTC  

He was against central banking and all of the elite as well

2017-10-22 15:52:38 UTC  

Doesn't mean we should outright denounce him

2017-10-22 15:52:49 UTC  

im not saying denounce him

2017-10-22 15:52:51 UTC  

im giving u an argument

2017-10-22 15:52:52 UTC  

You fucking are

2017-10-22 15:53:03 UTC  

i am saying we have andrew ajckson on our currency but we somehow hate hitler for what he did

2017-10-22 15:53:06 UTC  

"meanwhile, we have him on our currency
but we hate hitler
makes u think"

2017-10-22 15:53:08 UTC  

its an argumentu can use

2017-10-22 15:53:10 UTC  


2017-10-22 15:53:11 UTC  

it makes me think

2017-10-22 15:53:14 UTC  

How to improve American intelligence, told me

2017-10-22 15:53:14 UTC  

@amygdala you do realize Andrew Jackson was hated just like Hitler, you're so blind lol

2017-10-22 15:53:18 UTC  


2017-10-22 15:53:27 UTC  

Hated by retards

2017-10-22 15:53:31 UTC  

But time tells

2017-10-22 15:53:38 UTC  

That's not an argument though. You gotta challenge the idea by giving a resolution to the problem

2017-10-22 15:53:41 UTC  

@Patmahn i was just giving u an argument

2017-10-22 15:53:43 UTC  

not arguing against ya

2017-10-22 15:53:49 UTC  

in terms of jackson and hitler

2017-10-22 15:54:20 UTC  

In terms of jackson and hitler

2017-10-22 15:54:29 UTC  

Jackson was a better leader then hitler

2017-10-22 15:54:40 UTC  

i agree

2017-10-22 15:54:46 UTC  

Of-fucking-course you do

2017-10-22 15:54:49 UTC  

Well he achieved more but not much different

2017-10-22 15:55:01 UTC  

In the United States each year died in the shooting case of 30,000 people

2017-10-22 15:55:23 UTC  

That's like saying Napoleon Bonaparte is different than Adolf Hitler they had the same motive

2017-10-22 15:55:46 UTC  

in the end hitler was threatening britcuck/americuck supremac

2017-10-22 15:55:47 UTC  

@myke hawk you’re talking in circles

2017-10-22 15:55:49 UTC  

Obama: "If You Win a Campaign by Dividing People, You Won't Be Able to Unite Them Later"

2017-10-22 15:55:53 UTC  

and he had to be put down like a dog

2017-10-22 15:56:05 UTC  

So because he was threatening America, that's what made Hitler worse?

2017-10-22 15:56:06 UTC  

@amygdala you're talking propaganda so what's the difference?

2017-10-22 15:56:17 UTC  

@Ideology no, it's what caused the war

2017-10-22 15:56:17 UTC  

I am not talking propaganda

2017-10-22 15:56:21 UTC  

then propaganda portrayed him as evil etc

2017-10-22 15:56:25 UTC