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shut up you racist

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Ow my bigoted views

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so what are the antifa homosexuals planning for tomorrow? should i stay in?

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They're going to try and start a second civil war

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And promptly get their asses handed to them

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Pretty sure they’re straight

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Then the liberal media outlets will decry the violence

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It's BLM that was founded by faggots

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1 year in and they still haven't accepted the election results

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Because "Trump's a tyrant"

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Weren't they the ones that kept talking about "hurr durr respect the result i'm with her"

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I wish I could say I hope they experience an actual tyrant, but I can't be that cruel

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On the bright side, the sodium industry couldn't be doing better

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I only drink Organic Free-Range Non-GMO Liberal Tears

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It's weird that just because their candidate didn't win this time, they want to overthrow and put the entire country in chaos, for their own inability to admit defeat

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pretty much

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"its common degeneracy"

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first of all no its not

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Then you realize that these people have been brainwashed into thinking they need to join a communist revolution, because then everything will be perfect afterwards

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it certainly isn't common

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and why can't we allow people to fuck corpses

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but all those other times weren't real communism

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why is it different than fucking an inanimate object

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"Let me get a do-over" -Every Communist Ever

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Corpses are unclean

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> tfw he's just trying to rationalize fucking himself

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Communists doesn't realize that people are not the borg, they are individuals with free will, and they don't want to share their wife with others like commies do

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i would never do it

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it seems strange to me

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but is there a corrilation between strange and immoral

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My father brought me to the morgue a year ago, my granny had recently passed away, and he told me this would be a proper goodbye, he had scheduled a time where we could see the body (covered below neck)

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<:itstime:356317003226808320> for <#371065953800290305>

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No, there isn't

2017-11-04 01:03:53 UTC  

So i took my dead grannys hand and it was cold af, and said my goodbyes

2017-11-04 01:03:57 UTC  

There's a correlation between weird and immoral