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(((They))) have banned the purchase of crypto with bank cards and now (((they))) have sabbotaged the blockchain in hopes of shutting it down forever.

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***Man Wins $390,000 In Gender Discrimination Lawsuit After Female Colleague Gets Promotion He Was More Qualified For***

2018-03-21 22:18:51 UTC  

**Peru’s President Offers Resignation in Vote-Buying Scandal**

2018-03-22 18:18:42 UTC  

This put a lot of lefties on suicide watch.

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We eating good tonight

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Lmao, nice dislike ratio 😂

2018-03-24 21:01:28 UTC  

Clock Boy btfo'd for a 2nd time. "“[The lawsuit is] dismissed with prejudice [and] all relief requested by plaintiff is denied,” U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay stated in her order last week, according to the Dallas News."

2018-03-24 21:03:16 UTC  

“Two months after Ahmed's arrest, the family's attorney sent letters to city and school officials that demanded they apologize and pay $15 million to stave off a lawsuit,” Limón recounted.

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**Famous Rapper and "Run The Jewels" RTJ member Killer Mike Accuses NRA of Misusing Interview to push Pro-Gun Ideals**