Message from Augustus in The Right Server #polls

2018-03-25 18:10:27 UTC  

**Are your religious beliefs the same as your family's?**

2018-03-25 18:10:35 UTC  

**Is bipartisanship a sign of weakness?**

2018-03-28 17:45:32 UTC  

**Should unemployed citizens have to forfeit their right to vote?**

2018-03-28 17:45:37 UTC  

**Should it be illegal to burn the American flag?**

2018-03-28 17:45:41 UTC  

**Do you think the Trump/Kim Jong-Un meeting will happen?**

2018-03-28 17:45:45 UTC  

**Should abortion be illegal in all cases?**

2018-04-04 19:06:42 UTC  

**Does debate solve anything?**

2018-04-04 19:06:47 UTC  

**Do you consider yourself a constitutionalist?**

2018-04-04 19:06:53 UTC  

**Should religious leaders play a role in running the government?**

2018-04-04 19:06:56 UTC  

**Should Trump continue his economic attacks on China?**

2018-04-04 19:07:06 UTC  

**Would you be interested in a book club on The Right Server?**

2018-04-09 17:37:51 UTC  

**Should Trump do anything about the Syrian chemical attacks?**

2018-04-09 17:37:57 UTC  

**Should we raise the voting age to 24? (The age at which the brain is fully developed)**

2018-04-09 17:38:01 UTC  

**Should Trump put more tariffs on other imports?**

2018-04-09 17:38:03 UTC  

**Should nothing be off limits in regarding free speech?**

2018-04-15 23:25:23 UTC  

**Do you think the U.S. should end the electoral college and rely on a popular vote?**

2018-04-15 23:25:27 UTC  

**Are we nothing without God?**

2018-04-15 23:25:35 UTC  

**Should Trump put more tariffs on other imports?**

2018-04-15 23:25:38 UTC  

**Do you support the USA air strikes on Syria?**

2018-04-18 20:36:02 UTC  

**Did Gorsuch make a mistake with his recent vote? <>**

2018-04-18 20:36:07 UTC  

**Is an unrestricted free market best?**

2018-04-18 20:36:11 UTC  

**Is our current societal state due to a lack of God within mainstream culture?**

2018-04-18 20:36:15 UTC  

**If key information cannot be acquired through other means, do you believe torture should be used?**

2018-04-22 21:06:09 UTC  

**Do you believe the North Korean nuclear disarmament will bring about the end of the Kim dynasty?**

2018-04-22 21:07:25 UTC  

**Should western countries follow suit and make child rape punishable by death? <>**

2018-04-22 21:07:32 UTC  

**Is liberalism left-wing?**

2018-04-22 21:09:36 UTC  

**Are you Christian?**

2018-04-27 20:11:14 UTC  

**Is Kanye West /ourguy/?**

2018-04-27 20:11:19 UTC  

**Do you think the recent agreements between N. and S. Korea will last?**

2018-04-27 20:11:40 UTC  

**Will N. Koreans be able to integrate into S. Korea despite all the brain washing they are subjected to daily?**

2018-04-27 20:11:49 UTC  

**If Trump runs for re-election in 2020, will you vote for him?**

2018-05-05 21:05:12 UTC  

**Is Trump deserving of the Nobel Peace Price for his involvement in the Korea peace talks?**

2018-05-05 21:05:16 UTC  

**Has Israel taken advantage of the US?**

2018-05-05 21:05:19 UTC  

**If there is a conflict between Israel and Iran, do you support US intervention?**

2018-05-05 21:05:27 UTC  

**Do you still support Donald Trump and his administrations current goals and plans?**

2018-05-10 19:53:48 UTC  

**Do you agree with the decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?**

2018-05-10 19:53:54 UTC  

**Does America have an obligation to protect Israel?**

2018-05-10 19:53:57 UTC  

**Do you trust Trump regarding foreign policy in the Middle East?**

2018-05-16 16:34:03 UTC  

**Do you think that boomers ruined America?**

2018-05-16 16:34:08 UTC  

**Do you think that Discord will still be worth using in the next year or two?**

2018-05-16 16:34:14 UTC  

**Do you support Israel?**