Message from @Augustus

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2018-05-16 16:34:03 UTC  

**Do you think that boomers ruined America?**

2018-05-16 16:34:08 UTC  

**Do you think that Discord will still be worth using in the next year or two?**

2018-05-16 16:34:14 UTC  

**Do you support Israel?**

2018-05-16 16:34:21 UTC  

**Should the United States become an isolationist country?**

2018-05-20 16:14:35 UTC  

**Should the age to purchase firearms in the US be raised to 21?**

2018-05-20 16:14:50 UTC  

**Do you think more thorough mental health screenings should be administered to young adults buying firearms?**

2018-05-20 16:15:12 UTC  

**Will the Russia Committee be stopped this year?**

2018-05-20 16:15:20 UTC  

**Should there be a federal ban on pitbulls?**

2018-05-20 16:15:35 UTC  

**Do you support the Trump administration making cuts to government-funded environmental programs? <>**

2018-05-23 14:18:08 UTC  

**Do technological advances often cause more harm than good?**

2018-05-23 14:18:13 UTC  

**Do you think that many people today are "over socialized"?**

2018-05-23 14:22:39 UTC  

**Do humans belong more in an artificial environment over a natural one?**

2018-05-23 14:22:51 UTC  

**Should both the government and private corporations be forced to be more open about technological advances made?**

2018-06-03 21:21:09 UTC  

**Would you consider civic nationalism to be successful in the west?**

2018-06-03 21:21:15 UTC  

**Is politically motivated violence always wrong?**

2018-06-03 21:21:21 UTC  

**Should Trump look for another attorney general?**

2018-06-03 21:21:29 UTC  

**Should the US President have the power to pardon himself?**

2018-06-20 18:33:57 UTC  

**Would you support removal of voting rights for people under specific circumstances?** (unemployed for over six months, felony charges in past ten years, etc.)

2018-06-20 18:34:17 UTC  

**Should Trump end the federal ban on marijuana?**

2018-06-20 18:34:24 UTC  

**Is having a secular state important?**

2018-06-20 18:34:32 UTC  

**Do you agree with Trump's stance on separating families at the border?**

2018-07-06 18:34:31 UTC  

**Should tech companies be more strictly regulated to stop them violating the privacy of their customers?**

2018-07-06 18:34:55 UTC  

**Is capital punishment inhumane?**

2018-07-06 18:36:12 UTC  

**Do you trust conservative news outlets such as Fox News, The Drudge, and Breitbart?**

2018-07-06 18:36:25 UTC  

**Are the checks and balance we see in modern governments enough to stop corruption if upheld?**

2018-07-17 15:40:36 UTC  

**Should freedom of the press be restricted?**

2018-07-17 15:40:45 UTC  

**Would abolishing the porn industry be beneficial to society?**

2018-07-17 15:41:05 UTC  

**Should more be done by the government to stop monopolies within specific industries?**

2018-07-20 03:21:50 UTC  

**Have you taken a sip today?**

2018-08-01 16:33:12 UTC  

**Should citizens have the right to 3D print their own guns?**

2018-08-01 16:37:25 UTC  

**Do you think Russia and America will actually become allies any time soon?**

2018-08-01 16:38:05 UTC  

**Do you think Trump should end the Mueller investigation?**

2018-08-05 16:05:20 UTC  

**Should the government be allowed to receive information from confessions towards investigating criminals?**

2018-08-05 16:05:30 UTC  

**Should a man be allowed to not fight when drafted if it goes against his religion?**

2018-08-05 16:05:40 UTC  

**Should there be a full removal of government within the involvement and speculation of marriage?**

2018-08-07 04:37:29 UTC  

**Should women be allowed to say bad words?**

2018-08-08 20:23:51 UTC  

**Is Israeli meddling within US Elections more dangerous than alleged Russian meddling?**

2018-08-08 20:24:17 UTC  

**Should the government increase environmental regulations on businesses to reduce carbon emissions?**

2018-08-08 20:24:25 UTC  

**Is it possible for treason to be justified?**

2018-08-19 00:02:36 UTC  

**Do artists have a truly productive place within our society?**

2018-08-19 00:02:41 UTC  

**Should prostitution become a legal market if safety restrictions were placed?**