Message from WizardLizardInABlizzard in The Right Server #suggestions

2018-10-16 07:37:07 UTC  

Declare TRS an autism friendly zone

2018-10-16 11:43:01 UTC  

No Nsfw channel emote

2018-10-16 14:51:06 UTC  

Create a President role and give it to me

2018-10-16 17:43:28 UTC  

Make an Actual Bop Role

2018-10-16 17:43:38 UTC  

So people can be truly Bopped

2018-10-16 20:57:44 UTC  

Fucking ban calcifer

2018-10-17 00:46:30 UTC  

Ban all NPC's

2018-10-17 09:02:43 UTC  

Make all NPC staff <:npc:500426131493617684>

2018-10-17 09:38:54 UTC  

add a ''racist'' role and give it to all non-NPCs

2018-10-17 16:04:28 UTC  

ban racist nazis

2018-10-17 17:54:13 UTC  

make an npc emote

2018-10-17 17:54:51 UTC  


2018-10-17 18:01:49 UTC  

We already have an <:npc:500426131493617684> Emote

2018-10-17 21:13:43 UTC  

Have mods ban anime avatars and be more proactive with raids. We’ve been getting them more frequently

2018-10-17 22:30:38 UTC  

poll suggestion:

would you rather have a micropenis or a micro rectum

2018-10-18 03:48:31 UTC  


2018-10-18 08:19:57 UTC  

!LaCraig needs to be promoted to Admin ASAP!

2018-10-18 08:26:32 UTC  

Ban whoever reacted to my post not using <:thistbh:356316832048742412>

2018-10-18 10:43:20 UTC  

make a black version of every role which will grant only half of the privileges the basic role itself does, and swap the roles for all known blacks on this server

2018-10-18 10:49:11 UTC  


2018-10-18 10:49:15 UTC  


2018-10-18 12:30:06 UTC  

Give Usa1982 mod

2018-10-18 14:17:28 UTC  

Add an Epic Emote

2018-10-18 14:18:54 UTC  

Add a __**BASED**__ emote

2018-10-18 15:41:33 UTC  

Make Mord admin

2018-10-18 17:07:26 UTC  

Deism/Deist role under the Religion/Belief category

2018-10-18 17:08:51 UTC  

Philosophical Theism seems to be growing in the server and has amassed a smaller population already, I think it would be appropriate, but I don't want to intrude on the role setup as it is now. I could see it as an entry for others to beg their specific religions into roles, but it would be a nice addition regardless.

2018-10-18 17:08:53 UTC  

Thanks in advance

2018-10-18 17:12:00 UTC  

Also, angry version of <:npc:500426131493617684> emote

2018-10-18 23:46:40 UTC  

Embrace Christ

2018-10-19 00:33:58 UTC  


2018-10-19 00:34:02 UTC  


2018-10-19 00:34:04 UTC  


2018-10-19 00:34:08 UTC  

πŸ‘Ÿ πŸ‘Ÿ

2018-10-19 01:45:48 UTC  

Ban the weebs

2018-10-19 01:46:02 UTC  

cucking is only a temporary solution

if we already have <:NoPorn:469567096703942656> <:NoAnime:356316847739633674> , what about no kpop? or no hallyu?

2018-10-19 13:54:15 UTC  

NPC role

2018-10-19 14:29:22 UTC  

No need, all the NPCs are on the "banned" list

2018-10-19 18:04:42 UTC  

A purplepill emote to make fun of centristfags

2018-10-19 20:44:11 UTC  

ban swear words