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2017-11-27 00:18:01 UTC

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whos ordering it?

2017-11-27 21:05:48 UTC  

honestly I might, it's been between that and the iphone 8

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2017-11-27 22:40:22 UTC  

fuck off, I'm sick of android and their shitty updates that brick phones

2017-11-27 22:41:05 UTC  

samsung literally made an update that fucked my S5, so now it barely handles snapchat, and it dies halfway though the day if I even think about using it

2017-11-27 22:43:15 UTC  

>Implying apple doesn't screw over their customers

2017-11-28 01:53:31 UTC  

>implying I don't know that

2017-11-28 01:57:42 UTC  

one good thing about samsung shit tier policies is they stop supporting their tablets after like 6 months

2017-11-28 01:58:01 UTC  

so you never have to worry about a new android version making older hardware run poorly <:FeelsLELMan:356316501105442817>

2017-11-28 02:28:08 UTC  

Well seemed like you didn't
But yeah poor optimization for sure your best bet would be to get the cheaper ones so if it breaks you can replace it, if not you can upgrade. goes for any phone

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2017-11-28 04:15:53 UTC  

im kinda into those accident warranties now

2017-11-28 04:16:21 UTC  

50$ for 4 years then drop it in the toilet at any time and get a replacement 👌🏿

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2017-11-28 08:06:20 UTC  

@Polygon considering buying the google pixel xl 2

2017-11-28 08:06:22 UTC  

2 xl

2017-11-28 08:06:24 UTC  

or whatever

2017-11-28 13:41:54 UTC  

How long do u guys think until RAM / GFX / etc. price drop?

2017-11-28 13:42:00 UTC  

I wanna build a pc soon

2017-11-28 14:04:24 UTC  

I want to build an Auchwitz

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2017-11-29 02:03:07 UTC  

Fuck EA play a real shooter

2017-11-29 04:33:37 UTC  

EA completely misunderstood "cosmetics", most likely on purpose, in order to continue trying to implement the microtransactions

2017-11-29 05:19:13 UTC  

lol EA completely misunderstood their fucking shareholder interests

2017-11-29 05:19:35 UTC  

I love how they committed so much effort to their game and it just fucking tanks because of greed

2017-11-29 05:19:52 UTC  

Dunky makes it look embarassingly bad too among this other streamer who paid to win as a part of his review

2017-11-29 05:20:13 UTC  

Hes like I turn my Awing 30% faster fire 30% faster do 30% more bullet damage and basically get to go on killing sprees against players better than me

2017-11-29 09:53:05 UTC  

I **really** fucking hope this microtransaction lootbox bullshit trickles down to sport games. Fucking "player packs" and bullshit.