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Personally I can't fully reccomend Linux until it has better gaming support

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Linux works great for me. I've got Steam, Minecraft, a built in emulator for retro consoles, and Wine for those stubborn games that aren't being ported to Linux.

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linux gaming is a meme

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if youre actually happy with the ~5% of steam games that support it then 👌🏿

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so i just figured out that you can make about $8000 usd/yr with an S9 mining strictly BCH as opposed to the $4000 profit/yr from mining BTC. i think the mining choice is a no brainer.

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@SchloppyDoggo Where did you buy a S9 from?

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the manufactures of the S9 also warn on their site that you shouldnt buy antminers from any other site because many of them are scams. some urls are etc, pretending to be the manufacturers but its really Pajeet and he takes your money and u never get a miner.

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@SchloppyDoggo where did u calculate how much money you'd make mining bch with s9

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whos ordering it?

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honestly I might, it's been between that and the iphone 8

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fuck off, I'm sick of android and their shitty updates that brick phones

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samsung literally made an update that fucked my S5, so now it barely handles snapchat, and it dies halfway though the day if I even think about using it

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>Implying apple doesn't screw over their customers

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>implying I don't know that

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one good thing about samsung shit tier policies is they stop supporting their tablets after like 6 months

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so you never have to worry about a new android version making older hardware run poorly <:FeelsLELMan:356316501105442817>

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Well seemed like you didn't
But yeah poor optimization for sure your best bet would be to get the cheaper ones so if it breaks you can replace it, if not you can upgrade. goes for any phone

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im kinda into those accident warranties now

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50$ for 4 years then drop it in the toilet at any time and get a replacement 👌🏿

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@Polygon considering buying the google pixel xl 2

2017-11-28 08:06:22 UTC  

2 xl

2017-11-28 08:06:24 UTC  

or whatever