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2018-02-10 02:17:32 UTC  

two psus

2018-02-10 02:17:32 UTC  


2018-02-10 02:17:44 UTC  

post it on reddit somewhere

2018-02-10 02:17:52 UTC  

have plebs fix it up

2018-02-10 05:31:23 UTC  

Yeah, I just paid $30 for a key to remove the watermark on my main desktop.

2018-02-10 05:31:36 UTC  

You can keep using it unactivated forever though.

2018-02-10 05:34:05 UTC  


2018-02-10 05:34:16 UTC  

they're on ebay for like 12

2018-02-10 05:55:34 UTC  

I'm done dealing with shitty ebay sellers.

2018-02-10 05:56:03 UTC  

Last one took me until last week to ret a refund from a december order. <:pepewat:363726771365085185>

2018-02-10 16:43:17 UTC  

I want some great fucking time games from steam

2018-02-10 18:34:32 UTC  

guys show off your audiophile setups D:

2018-02-10 19:13:47 UTC

2018-02-11 11:45:45 UTC  

Bheringer? That mixer looks like it has a built in amp

2018-02-11 19:42:10 UTC  

i wish i had a setup 😢

2018-02-11 19:45:03 UTC

2018-02-11 22:30:27 UTC  

What headphones are those, I’ll sperg fight you for them

2018-02-11 22:31:39 UTC  

They look easy on the ears

2018-02-11 22:43:12 UTC  

the reason why I asked was because at my PC I daily ATH-M50X headphones, they're pretty much entry level in the audiophile scene, nothing compared to the HD 558's, and especially not the 598's.
I also just bought some NuForce EDC IEM's, and they're pretty nice in-ears.

2018-02-11 23:02:34 UTC  

mine are hd 598's and pxc 550's

2018-02-11 23:02:57 UTC  

my plan is to get a schiit stack and some hd 6xx or 650's

2018-02-11 23:29:37 UTC  

I loved my experience with Schiit Audio, however it was very short, like a day

2018-02-11 23:34:03 UTC  

I would buy them if they weren't so expensive, I can't really warrant $200+ on a DAC and amp combo.

2018-02-12 02:19:35 UTC  

you dont need the dac

2018-02-12 02:20:08 UTC  

just buy the magni 3 for 99

2018-02-12 03:52:24 UTC  

be proud of me goys

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2018-02-12 06:08:45 UTC  

i won a duo today with 12 kills XD\

2018-02-12 20:51:27 UTC

2018-02-12 21:00:59 UTC  

so yesterday night I launched pubg then my PC crashed on launch, I went to launch it just now and I guess it uninstalled it lmao

2018-02-12 21:01:08 UTC  

like the folder doesn't even exist anymore

2018-02-12 21:06:44 UTC  

thats what happens when korean phone devs make your AAA budget pc game

2018-02-12 21:07:03 UTC  

nah it was hardware related for some reason

2018-02-12 21:07:07 UTC  

like drivers

2018-02-12 21:07:12 UTC  

3 months to add vaulting <:PepeChill:378748692741750794>

2018-02-12 21:07:13 UTC  

or corrupted file

2018-02-12 21:08:13 UTC  

because I started getting like actually horrible framerates, I consistently got 60 FPS and it was like half that with horrible frame lag

2018-02-12 21:08:47 UTC  


2018-02-12 21:08:56 UTC  

is your cpu throttling or something

2018-02-12 21:10:07 UTC  

nah boi