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Individualism is not a core American value. it is a core liberal value.

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A documentary On The Far Left, from the origins of Marxism, to Spanish Civil War and it's fight of Various Anti Communists and the communists, about the Francos regime to the current age.

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Worth your time

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Here's a link to a Interactive map (updated) on US exports worldwide.

2018-10-05 10:31:10 UTC vote, vote, vote, vote. This blue wave? The worst concept ever over a long period of time. Terrible stuff from the standpoint of voting. Very bad for our country! You take a look at what Hillary has done with voting... bad stuff folks. We will build a big beautiful midterm, and the democratic voters are gonna pay for it, with liberal tears believe me. Here’s the thing — my uncle was a voter — very based, very good genes. I know probably a lot more about voting than any one else for a long period of time from the standpoint of votes. It’s true. You know, they call me they say, “can you believe it?” I voted. It’s true, many are saying it and they can’t believe it. But you look at — by the way! — China has a lot of respect for your favorite president. They wish they could vote for our elections unlike our legal citizens. Tremendous respect for our voters who work, are the real movers and the shakers. Bigly sized work ethic, many are saying it. A tremendous success from the standpoint of winning. Do you want to win too? Vote!

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Documentary on the history of Long Nose Tribe, from both points of view, through early ages to medieval Europe to today.

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tfw we have holocaust and god arguments here but this nigger just posts a garlic shit article

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__***Historical Reality of the Holocaust***__
**Jean Claude Pressac, Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers**

**Hilberg, the Destruction of the European Jews**

**Body Disposal at Auschwitz**

**The Korherr Report**

**The Höfle Telegram**

**Einsatzgruppen Reports**

**Judgment against David Irving, explaining why he is discredited as a historian**

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**General Resources**
Holocaust Denial on Trial:
Holocaust Controversies:
Unfortunately, Nizkor, which is also a good resource, has some pages that give malware warnings. It's a pretty old website and it changed ownership, so it might have been compromised. Not all pages give security warnings, but I'm still not going to link it here. There's some pages from Nizkor I do link elsewhere but none of those pages have security warnings on them.

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**Lampshades made from human skin have been discredited forever**