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That math is hilarious

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Most of the deaths as well are the fault of the allies.

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@Fred the Fish you're not even a communist

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you think Jeff Bezos is cool

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you glow

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it's amazing they could feed their guards enough to keep them nice and plump but the supply lines were just too broken to feed the prisoners

2018-09-06 04:22:34 UTC  

it's amazing the Allies forced the Jews into the chambers

2018-09-06 04:22:35 UTC  

The Allied Forces bombed Germany at the end of the war. All of the prisoners died of starvation/disease not gassing. They couldn't even bury the bodies because the ground was frozen.

2018-09-06 04:22:38 UTC  

for which there is copious evidence

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Swimming pools and hospitals lel

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The lampshades and human soap bars were also proven to be false.

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That looks like a lot of fake news.

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Poor propaganda.

2018-09-06 04:23:25 UTC  

Bad actors.

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written by a reformed denier @Deleted User

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Not an argument.

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Just my opinion.

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who changed his mind after getting access to the documents at Auschwitz

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@Fred the Fish this is serious chat

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Actions speak louder than words.

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@Deleted User swimming pools and hospitals were for Auschwitz concentration camp not the death camp

2018-09-06 04:24:17 UTC  

there were both

2018-09-06 04:24:25 UTC  

stop misrepresenting it

2018-09-06 04:24:52 UTC  

It's amazing some people still think there were 6 million now 10-11 million Jews & others in the camps.

2018-09-06 04:25:07 UTC  

It's logistically, mathematically, and scientifically impossible especially in the time span of 6 years.

2018-09-06 04:25:09 UTC  

where are you getting your 250k number

2018-09-06 04:25:16 UTC  

it is absolutely logistically possible

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nobody thinks 5+ million were gassed

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All of the photographs of bodies are of people who starved to death

2018-09-06 04:25:43 UTC  

3 million were killed in death camps, the rest died in the east from Einsatzgruppen or in the concentration camps from disease/malnutrition

2018-09-06 04:25:48 UTC  

Many of them had typhus ~ we know because when the Allies saved as many as we could. We treated them and our nurses got sick and some died from it.