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2018-09-17 23:43:15 UTC  

What do you say about trannies asking for special attention?

2018-09-17 23:43:16 UTC  

Your telling me how you feel but i don't really care

2018-09-17 23:43:29 UTC  

I'm asking an objective question

2018-09-17 23:43:31 UTC  

No emotion

2018-09-17 23:43:45 UTC  

What do you feel about trannies asking for special attention @Somedudewithaname

2018-09-17 23:43:53 UTC  

Like okay,

2018-09-17 23:43:55 UTC  

I thought you cared about society @Somedudewithaname Now you are saying you don't care about how people feel?

2018-09-17 23:44:08 UTC  

so I think it's fair enough that we give them special attention when they need or request it.

2018-09-17 23:44:12 UTC  


2018-09-17 23:44:13 UTC  

BUt i think it's a loaded question

2018-09-17 23:44:22 UTC  

I'm not asking loaded questions

2018-09-17 23:44:24 UTC  

I think anyone whoo needs special attention should get it.

2018-09-17 23:44:30 UTC  

No i trust you bandito

2018-09-17 23:44:47 UTC  

So what about them has them needing special attention?

2018-09-17 23:45:17 UTC  

Okay so, I for one am of the opinion that transgenderism is a result of biological and social pressures

2018-09-17 23:45:36 UTC  

which one is more important? I'm not sure the jury is still out on that.

2018-09-17 23:46:14 UTC  

BUt becuase of body dysmorphia being caused by external factors to the person's own cohices, I belieive it is fair for them to get special treatment.

2018-09-17 23:46:20 UTC  

Do you acknowledge that most transgenders recognize their biological sex as a thing, but they purposely say it means nothing on who they are as a person?

2018-09-17 23:46:47 UTC  

I mean how much would your sex matter to you as a person if you lived outside of a society?

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2018-09-17 23:47:01 UTC  

I really don't have the answer to that question.

2018-09-17 23:47:14 UTC  

Ugh and when speaking about biolgical sex its not so clear cut

2018-09-17 23:47:15 UTC  

Understanding where men and women are inherently different

2018-09-17 23:47:23 UTC  

we have priamry and secondary sexual characteristics

2018-09-17 23:47:33 UTC  

Please elaborate on that

2018-09-17 23:47:43 UTC  

the XY XX dichotmy is punctuated by alterations in that chromosome set

2018-09-17 23:47:49 UTC  

we can have xxy Xyy and such

2018-09-17 23:47:57 UTC  

Where would these people fall in?

2018-09-17 23:48:02 UTC  

But nothing in nature is 50/50

2018-09-17 23:48:11 UTC  

It's an exception but exceptions raise problems in categorization

2018-09-17 23:48:11 UTC  

im srs

2018-09-17 23:48:15 UTC  

that wasnt a shitpost

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2018-09-17 23:48:23 UTC  

But you've taken high school biology

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2018-09-17 23:48:26 UTC  

We can say male and female

2018-09-17 23:48:29 UTC  

nigger im an emt

2018-09-17 23:48:32 UTC  

I'm a biology major lol

2018-09-17 23:48:40 UTC  

You know there are dominant and recessive genes right?