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2018-09-18 00:03:42 UTC  

They've done studies where they have males and females think of a positive and a negative impact in their life for 5 minutes

2018-09-18 00:04:01 UTC  

And then they have them look at a hill and guess how steep the hill was

2018-09-18 00:04:05 UTC  

@Somedudewithaname Alright you said you wanted to debate

2018-09-18 00:04:12 UTC  

is this one done?

2018-09-18 00:04:14 UTC  

I do vril

2018-09-18 00:04:16 UTC  


2018-09-18 00:04:18 UTC  

wait your turn

2018-09-18 00:04:27 UTC  

alright then call me when you're done

2018-09-18 00:04:28 UTC  

Females with a positive impact saw the hill as shorter and likewise, those with a negative saw it steeper

2018-09-18 00:04:30 UTC  

Okay ican agree with you their is a substantial difference

2018-09-18 00:04:33 UTC  

>inb4 "insolent"

2018-09-18 00:04:35 UTC  

But there was something off with the males

2018-09-18 00:04:35 UTC  

aww he didn't say it

2018-09-18 00:04:42 UTC  

Really really off

2018-09-18 00:04:46 UTC  

There was almost no difference

2018-09-18 00:04:49 UTC  

do elaborate

2018-09-18 00:04:52 UTC  

lol we're weird.

2018-09-18 00:04:53 UTC  

Between the positive and the negative

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2018-09-18 00:05:00 UTC  

now why?

2018-09-18 00:05:20 UTC  

Because males and females are different psychologically and therefore will take different moments in their lives differently

2018-09-18 00:05:30 UTC  

It's really hard from an experimental standpoint to isolate mental processes from biology and sociological phenomenom.

2018-09-18 00:05:43 UTC  

Why do men think different in the way do?

2018-09-18 00:05:53 UTC  

If males are psychologically-speaking "tougher" to keep the same mental stance during both positive and negative impacts

2018-09-18 00:05:54 UTC  

Why are some men terrible at math while women are better?

2018-09-18 00:05:57 UTC  

But females aren't

2018-09-18 00:06:13 UTC  

isn't it insulting to have a male become "female" and attempt to join this group?

2018-09-18 00:06:17 UTC  

Prehaps it's because females are taught to be more in touch withtheir emotions

2018-09-18 00:06:28 UTC  

and I don't see a lack of emotion as a positive or even rational thing

2018-09-18 00:06:43 UTC  

The study was done with people age 16-60

2018-09-18 00:06:52 UTC  

Even Gen Z children

2018-09-18 00:06:57 UTC  

think the same way

2018-09-18 00:06:59 UTC  

They went through their formative years though

2018-09-18 00:07:00 UTC  

But for the past 10 years

2018-09-18 00:07:07 UTC  

but continue

2018-09-18 00:07:07 UTC  

Our society has been heavily changing

2018-09-18 00:07:24 UTC  

oof thats an understatement

2018-09-18 00:07:31 UTC  

I'd disagree

2018-09-18 00:07:40 UTC  

I live with 4 generations of my family

2018-09-18 00:07:45 UTC  


2018-09-18 00:07:56 UTC  

And I know they don't represent the whole world