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2018-09-22 04:43:51 UTC  

I doubt that is the main drive

2018-09-22 04:44:02 UTC  

Grey vs black matter precentanges in a transgender persons brain are aligned with the sex they idenitfy with

2018-09-22 04:44:15 UTC  

so whether or to what extent gender is a social construct isn't really the issue

2018-09-22 04:44:42 UTC  

But yeah MOney was a monster

2018-09-22 04:44:48 UTC  

No arguments from me on that

2018-09-22 04:45:13 UTC  

Well then the conclusion is that it's a biochemical problem

2018-09-22 04:45:41 UTC  

Or a social problem depending how you look at it.

2018-09-22 04:45:48 UTC  

@Shitford no even transgender advocates don't like him

2018-09-22 04:45:56 UTC  

It's the problem of which came first the chicken or the egg?

2018-09-22 04:46:09 UTC  

Damn, I must've been living under such a fuckin rock.

2018-09-22 04:46:13 UTC  

Social problem is an understatement to political correctness today

2018-09-22 04:46:18 UTC  

It's rather unanswerable unless you can make studies without any societal influences.

2018-09-22 04:46:21 UTC  

Geez not this lol

2018-09-22 04:46:34 UTC  

Sorry when someone says pc i check out no matter who says it

2018-09-22 04:46:51 UTC  

Fine cultural Marxism

2018-09-22 04:47:06 UTC  

Again no idea what that means.

2018-09-22 04:47:12 UTC  

that's even worse

2018-09-22 04:47:24 UTC  

Just take Marxism and apply it to everything, not just economics @Somedudewithaname
That's cultural marx

2018-09-22 04:47:26 UTC  

It's better than postmodern neo-marxist

2018-09-22 04:47:42 UTC  

No one does that though....

2018-09-22 04:47:52 UTC  

marxism is a complex economic critique

2018-09-22 04:48:02 UTC  

pebble would probably have some choice words to say about people calling something Cultural Marxism

2018-09-22 04:48:05 UTC  

It really does focus on class conflict based around economics

2018-09-22 04:48:28 UTC  

Yet again, pay attention to the tenet of `Opressed VS Opressor`. Apply it to EVERYTHING, not just the poor & rich.

2018-09-22 04:48:45 UTC  

What is inherently marxist about that?

2018-09-22 04:48:46 UTC  

Cultural Marxism is a branch of western Marxism, different from the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as “multiculturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness.

2018-09-22 04:48:58 UTC  

That's more hegelian dielectic than anything else

2018-09-22 04:49:05 UTC  

forgive my spelling i could not be bothered to care lol

2018-09-22 04:49:15 UTC  

I don't

2018-09-22 04:49:17 UTC  


2018-09-22 04:49:20 UTC  

I mean I guess.

2018-09-22 04:49:33 UTC  

If we just mean marxism to mean anything that talks about opression.

2018-09-22 04:50:05 UTC  

It becomes Cultural-Marxism when you have nogs and spics revolting against whites while claiming that the property of whites was rightfully owned by minorities and was taken by whites.

2018-09-22 04:50:22 UTC  

In other words multiculturalism

2018-09-22 04:50:25 UTC  

Without revolutions, it's just regular postmodernistic intersectionality.

2018-09-22 04:50:40 UTC  

Intersectionallity is not post modern

2018-09-22 04:50:54 UTC  

post modernism rejects all the categories intersectionallity tries to define

2018-09-22 04:51:03 UTC  

marxism, interesctionality, are modernist ideas

2018-09-22 04:51:10 UTC  

Ever heard of doublethink?

2018-09-22 04:51:23 UTC  

Yes i have 1984 on audio book

2018-09-22 04:51:30 UTC  

Cultural Marxism is from collectivism