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@Somedudewithaname let me ask you something, and l want you to answer it honestly.

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civnat doesn't work well because people with their own nationalism will experience culture shock in a different country unless they adapt

2018-09-22 05:28:38 UTC  

First generation immigrants will never truly integrate

2018-09-22 05:28:44 UTC  

Their children, however, will

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Lol yes they do

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where have you been?

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this is what we've seen in the past

2018-09-22 05:28:56 UTC  

but long-term they'll assimilate

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Would you find any problem with any european country to say that, for example "Poland is for Polish people", or "France is for French people". What is wrong with that

2018-09-22 05:29:06 UTC  

Hell Andrew Carnegie.

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Ugh well I'm very mixed on this////

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@Mord depends on your definition of polish and French

2018-09-22 05:29:37 UTC  

Well partly wat out boarding uniform says

2018-09-22 05:29:45 UTC  

@Somedudewithaname there are exceptions, and Scotland and America aren't all that distant culturally

2018-09-22 05:29:48 UTC  

There are tons of french citizens who are african

2018-09-22 05:29:51 UTC  

Polish and French people who have roots dated back at least 100 years @Outboarduniform

2018-09-22 05:29:55 UTC  

but if you look at Irish-Americans, they certainly struggled with assimilation in the beginning

2018-09-22 05:29:58 UTC  

the same with Italians

2018-09-22 05:30:08 UTC  

France has a ton of african citizens from the colonial era

2018-09-22 05:30:13 UTC  

who consider themselves french

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But they are not French @Somedudewithaname

2018-09-22 05:30:17 UTC  

and played for the french team

2018-09-22 05:30:18 UTC  

@Mord how do you define French and Polish people though

2018-09-22 05:30:20 UTC  

they think they are.

2018-09-22 05:30:27 UTC  

would Polish Jews who've been there longer than 100 years be Polish

2018-09-22 05:30:31 UTC  

@Mord what makes someone who’s family has been in Poland for 30 years any less deserving of living in Poland than the ones who have been there for 100 years

2018-09-22 05:30:35 UTC  

l used it as an example, l don't want to argue semantics on it

2018-09-22 05:30:45 UTC  

Well I don't mean to gang up on you

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And if you feel overwhelmed lmk lol

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I think that the example itself is flawed though

2018-09-22 05:31:28 UTC  

So far you've shown common identiy to be what unifies a nation

2018-09-22 05:31:39 UTC  

what's a French person? Before the French government essentially committed linguicide there were many different minority groups in France

2018-09-22 05:31:40 UTC  

but you haven't proven where race matters in all this

2018-09-22 05:31:42 UTC  

The point is, what is wrong with a nation wanting to keep to themselves and unite their people as one culture, ethnicity, identity, religion if any, etc..

2018-09-22 05:31:47 UTC  

Occitans, Normans, Basques, Bretons, etc.

2018-09-22 05:32:00 UTC  

Welly your idenity is an arbitrary cut off

2018-09-22 05:32:06 UTC  

the same in Germany

2018-09-22 05:32:11 UTC  

Cause different fench people will have different idenitits