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2018-09-22 05:19:21 UTC  

You identify as a theocrat ezra

2018-09-22 05:19:29 UTC  

You mean why do we need ethnic nationalism?

2018-09-22 05:19:30 UTC  

your in no position to judge anyones opinion.

2018-09-22 05:19:38 UTC  

Sure lets go with that/

2018-09-22 05:20:13 UTC  

@Somedudewithaname the fuck are you talking about

2018-09-22 05:20:21 UTC  

mord is white and autistic
i am italian and autistic

2018-09-22 05:20:26 UTC  

im not judging anybody

2018-09-22 05:20:34 UTC  


2018-09-22 05:20:35 UTC  

I am epic and autistic

2018-09-22 05:20:46 UTC  

I'm to leftist to do this shit lol

2018-09-22 05:21:42 UTC  

Ethnic nationalism serves as a framework for being able to have a common culture, background, and in some cases experiences. lt connects those people in a nation. People tend to naturally be collective, and ethnic nationalism grows on that.

2018-09-22 05:22:12 UTC  

Okay but what makes you think a common idenity needs to rest on the basis of race?

2018-09-22 05:22:23 UTC  

WHy couldn't some other idenity serve the same function?

2018-09-22 05:22:26 UTC  

Civic nationalism does not work because you will inevitably have identity politics where people will vote for policies that benefit them.

2018-09-22 05:22:32 UTC  

And why do we even need to value collectives?

2018-09-22 05:22:47 UTC  

Isn't the nature of polotics to vote in self intrest?

2018-09-22 05:22:53 UTC  

Unless your agianst democracy?

2018-09-22 05:23:03 UTC  

Because it creates a homogenous nation of one culture and one nation

2018-09-22 05:23:13 UTC  

Why does that matter?

2018-09-22 05:23:49 UTC  

Precisely, the nature of politics is to vote in self interest as well as those you share common values, culture, backgrounds, and race as you.

2018-09-22 05:24:31 UTC  

I can say it's possible to vote with those who share common values, but wouldn't it be of most benefit to have a sysem that allows most people into yuor collective?

2018-09-22 05:24:49 UTC  

THat way you have more resources pooled together?

2018-09-22 05:25:19 UTC  

Not necessarily, that is basically civic nationalism.

2018-09-22 05:25:29 UTC  

Why value nationalism over globalism?

2018-09-22 05:25:34 UTC  

How would immigrants from a different background support a common background

2018-09-22 05:25:38 UTC  

If Civic Nationalism does not work why has there not been a modern western ethnostate ? @Mord

2018-09-22 05:25:40 UTC  

It seems like the later would be in the best intest of all?

2018-09-22 05:25:58 UTC  

WE as a global collective are capable of much more than isloated nations/

2018-09-22 05:26:06 UTC  

Japan is a modern day ethnostate @Outboarduniform

2018-09-22 05:26:11 UTC  


2018-09-22 05:26:20 UTC  

Japan is like 97% Japanese

2018-09-22 05:26:23 UTC  

@Mord japan also has stagnant birth rates and their children are socially inept

2018-09-22 05:26:24 UTC  

Oh l apologize

2018-09-22 05:26:25 UTC  

@Somedudewithaname how would the global collective respond to the needs of individual people

2018-09-22 05:26:34 UTC  

I would use it as an argument against ethnostates tbh

2018-09-22 05:26:38 UTC  

Same way we do now.

2018-09-22 05:26:43 UTC  

nationstates are far better at responding to their people's needs than any global collective could

2018-09-22 05:26:57 UTC  

Unfortunately is that really true?

2018-09-22 05:26:57 UTC  

@Outboarduniform the stagnant birthrates are a new phenomenon within the last 30 years or so, last l checked.

2018-09-22 05:27:17 UTC  

Maybe more developed nation states but lots of countries would benefit from more global involvement

2018-09-22 05:27:25 UTC  

the world is also far too disunited for a global collective to adequately represent it