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>poverty and crime has also decreased

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Yea not when ghettoization still exists lol

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If the nuclear family was emphasized and subsidized we could work more towards fixing it

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now is there a correlation between that and the civil rights movement?

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Can you really look at the black community today and say it has improved since the 60's lmao

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Yes I can.

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They have equal rights theoretically now.

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poverty I'm sure is down

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Like what?

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What do you want them to improve more?

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The divorce rate?

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I don't see how such drastically increased economic opportunities couldn't decrease poverty at least a bit

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That's gone up everywhere

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War on drugs policy

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Mord probably supported Virginia during Virginia vs. Loving

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oof no background

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Little hard to read there man @agag

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n 1940, 60 percent of employed black women worked as domestic servants; today the number is down to 2.2 percent, while 60 percent hold white- collar jobs.

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that's better

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44 and 1. In 1958, 44 percent of whites said they would move if a black family became their next door neighbor; today the figure is 1 percent.

18 and 86. In 1964, the year the great Civil Rights Act was passed, only 18 percent of whites claimed to have a friend who was black; today 86 percent say they do, while 87 percent of blacks assert they have white friends.

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We've gotten better

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It's not perfect but it's defenitly better

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They have equal rights but their divorce rates have skyrocketed, their dependency on government assistance programs has done the same, they drove out every last white business owner within the communities they lived in, which has crippled their employment and ability to establish businesses and get jobs, all just to sit at the same table as a white man eating eggs for breakfast.

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Mord are you defending segregation

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When the race riots of the 60's happened, all that did was push whites away farther from their communites.

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Yea the white flight

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l am an ethnic nationalist, segregation didn't go far enough

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it's more than eating at the same table as a white man

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“Segregation didn’t go far enough”

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it's economic opportunities in general

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ideally there wouldn't even be whites only water fountains

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there's a reason they passed the CRA using the Commerce Clause and not the 14th Amendment

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Like Morb any facts?

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@agag they destroyed that by driving out white business owners

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THe divore rate is falling everywhere

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that's the price of freedom