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What statements do you consider infallible

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“I have a dream that one day my 4 little children will not be judged based on the color of their skin but by the content of their character ”

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How can you criticize this ?

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@Outboarduniform bruh you haven't talked to an ethno nationalist before have you?

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l take everything by MLK with a grain of salt because much of his stuff is plagiarized and he was not the ethical savant he claimed to be

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Didn't he plagiarize Gandhi lol

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MLK was a reverend and he spoke the word of god

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are you talking about the Hoover stuff

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No he plagarized his seminar thesis

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l can criticize it because it's just a dream

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take that with a grain of salt considering that the Hoover FBI was very political

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but it really doesn't effect his later ideas

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And true

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hold on a moment l have some screencaps about MLK

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Hoover? As in the pres during the great depression

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Look MLK's character doesn't matter when talking about his ideas.

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NO the fbi director who was the worst person ever

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and the president

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But can you criticize that statement

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come on morb stay with us

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let's talk about the ideas

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Also that’s just college essay plagiarism it describes dude

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Martin Luther King was assassinated where I grew up

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Nothing to do with his doctrine

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thanks blizcon

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you’re welcome

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lt means that his doctorate is invalid and that many of his ideas were not his own

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Okay im sorry no dogpilling

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But does it detract from the merit of those ideas?

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Or the content themselves?

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It really doesn't matter, lets get back to arguing about the statement per se

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You do realize that integration has had very little if any positive effects on the black community

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You said it was just a dream.

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Yes it has

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I don't think it makes too much difference considering he didn't go into academics