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2018-09-22 05:51:45 UTC

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I said divorce doesn't have to be related to children without parent if we placed values better.

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>whoring is great if you wear a condom

No it's not, it statistically makes people less happier @Somedudewithaname

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ubanization began with the Great Migration, when blacks moved north from the south

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They are less satisfied with their sex life

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It's a choice they make

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And leads to divorces

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let them make it

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It doesn't affect you

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and ghettoes have almost certainly been made worse by drug policies

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Plz stop while we talk about policy

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The point l was trying to make earlier is that what blacks *should* have done is congregate themselves in their own communities and say "you know what, we don't need white people". They should have established their own businesses, their own schools, their own everything. Why do they need whites to do it for them. Why couldn't they desire to do it themselves.

2018-09-22 05:52:35 UTC  

how can you do that without resources

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"muh choice"

If a child does something retarded like crossing a highway, you stop him @Somedudewithaname

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Why aren't you doing that then?

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But instead, they burned down their own communities and prevented anyone from wanting to establish a business there

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If you want an ethnostate why don't you go and form your own community?

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If it was that easy.

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and has ruined those communities to this day

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@Mord hard to create your own schools when you’re stigmatized for trying to and beaten down for the idea of it

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you can't really do that anymore

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@Outboarduniform are you trying to say tthere weren't black only schools

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oh that was a response to you @Somedudewithaname

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@Noxar I'll deal with you later.

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because there absolutely were

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Otherwise it will all go down the shiter

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Yeah that was the point.

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Separate but equal had black schools lol

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IT's not a realistic option.

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no I mean legally

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@Mord the schools were run down and extraordinarily shitty

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You might "deal with *me*"
But I won't deal with someone who says fucking 30 people a year is great as long as you wear contraception and that divorces are amazing

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The education provided was laughable

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So putting them in white schools and making those schools shitty was the answer?

2018-09-22 05:55:05 UTC  

Some were more equal than others

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You could say

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No fap i understand you odn't like sex and think women are whores bu im not focused on you so byeeee

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@Mord how does putting black people into white schools make them shitty