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2018-10-02 23:21:28 UTC  

"The consumption of dog meat continued in the 1920s.[166][167] In 1937, a meat inspection law targeted against trichinella was introduced for pigs, dogs, boars, foxes, badgers, and other carnivores.[168]Dog meat has been prohibited in Germany since 1986.[169]"

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Imagine believing everything you hear online

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At the very least the consumption of dog meat isn't a clear cut case

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i dont hear anything

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probably the same in germany

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my speakers are inop

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@ASickMind its not said online, they are facts

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It isn't an easy ethical claim to make

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I highly doubt that one

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someonehelp e

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but live in magical unicorn land

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Germany, along with america are essentially jewish puppet states now

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i just wanna park my tesla in your hyperloop

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@IUisbae Just because 'other cultures have done it,' it's still not ethical

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@ASickMind guess what, you have little to no knowledge of my nation, you've said this before

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Asians aren't the only lunatics

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well because what I'm saying is actually fact

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@ASickMind i can make such bold statements because i've been to your nation before and seen what is in it

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But it close dogs weren't only.bred for per proposes

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@ASickMind you havent

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I'm trying to make you use those few brain cells you have

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They were alsoa. Food source

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That statement merely says that other cultures have eaten them

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choose one

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@ASickMind no you arent, you're being an edgelord, no wonder we've memed you yesterdya

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They have not been *BRED* for consumption

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How did you meme me?

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@ASickMind the only way we can bring you back to the pit we call london is by meming your islamic faith

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@ASickMind inshallah brother, come pray

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I mean albania is islamic