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Culture and religion are two different things

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yes it is

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not every single one but most

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yo seeker I really dont think that thats very reliable cause

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it could also stand for

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Just like spirituality and religion are two separate things

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@anon12 Well, ok, see? Now, I can easily respect that far more than simply not wanting to look into it. I certainly don't know everything so for me to deny something without looking into it would make me an absolute fool of the highest possible degree.
you actually being willing to examine this shows progress. And for that, I thank you.

Hey hey @Seeker of Truth how have you been?

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I like how flat earthers rely on non-evidential memes to proof their theories.

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@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄its all good we all make mistakes in the end

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the earth is flat

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The trolling is a dead meme, now.

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You can stop the trash bluff.

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wait truth are you an atheist?

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are you a flat earther

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also hey zack whats cracking

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All these quotes are so biased lmfao

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I wish your friend was more honest like you. They didn't want anything to do with it. As if they already knew everything there is to know about it and that's what triggered me. It's incredibly intellectually dishonest to take that stance.

2019-03-16 15:16:54 UTC  

these quotes are literally people just saying stuff like I could come up with these quotes

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I will make myself one

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"Its bad to be bad."-Scraps

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@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄i apologize about him, he's just like that

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"The evil that is too evil can turn good" -Hipp 2019

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well the garage is not in a windy asf environment

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The car is in a still envi-

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What scraps said.

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The earth is not a globe as you have come to know it but is in-fact a flat disc-like shape and there is proof for it.