Message from Earth's Very Own K in The Right Server #chat

2018-10-02 23:52:26 UTC  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] im not worried about that stuff

2018-10-02 23:52:32 UTC  

$65 is a bargain to attend a gym with no blacks

2018-10-02 23:52:37 UTC  


2018-10-02 23:52:41 UTC  

My god

2018-10-02 23:52:41 UTC  
2018-10-02 23:52:57 UTC  

$65 is pretty much nothing if you use it more than three times a week too

2018-10-02 23:52:57 UTC  

My gym is based and it’s only 25$ a month

2018-10-02 23:52:57 UTC  

Aren't cows and pigs docile and pure?

2018-10-02 23:52:58 UTC  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] i locked chat briefly twice

2018-10-02 23:53:00 UTC  

imagine if i told you that for $2/day you would never have to see a black person ever, you wouldn't pay that?

2018-10-02 23:53:01 UTC  

I dont understand

2018-10-02 23:53:01 UTC  

Plus it’s pretty good

2018-10-02 23:53:06 UTC  

They were bred to be followers and docile

2018-10-02 23:53:15 UTC  

keep TRS alive fellas

2018-10-02 23:53:20 UTC  


2018-10-02 23:53:30 UTC  

I'm not sure

2018-10-02 23:53:33 UTC  

I know I locked chat around then

2018-10-02 23:53:39 UTC  

maybe it wa sa glitch

2018-10-02 23:53:42 UTC  

s. In “The Discourses of the States,” a text published during the 4th century B.C., it is written that King Goujian of Yue, hoping to boost birth rates and recruit more soldiers for his armies, ruled that families giving birth to male offspring would be rewarded with two urns of wine and a dog to be eaten by the boy’s mother to help her recover after giving birth.

2018-10-02 23:53:57 UTC  

the server owner

2018-10-02 23:53:59 UTC  

must hate anime

2018-10-02 23:54:01 UTC  

You are just not receptive to my evidence or arguement

2018-10-02 23:54:03 UTC  

yes but do the grills go to your gym

2018-10-02 23:54:04 UTC  

At all

2018-10-02 23:54:05 UTC  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] You should reform the Sturmabteilung

2018-10-02 23:54:07 UTC  
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2018-10-02 23:54:12 UTC  

Yes, we know that China was founded on barbarism.

2018-10-02 23:54:15 UTC  

What's so bad about it

2018-10-02 23:54:19 UTC  

tbh i have no problem with it

2018-10-02 23:54:19 UTC  

Pretty sure they also ate their enemies.

2018-10-02 23:54:20 UTC  

Because anime is <:PukePepe:425416935111393320>

2018-10-02 23:54:21 UTC  

just curious

2018-10-02 23:54:23 UTC  

You are just like " Haha subhuman dog eats owned chink"

2018-10-02 23:54:24 UTC  

Anime is degenerate

2018-10-02 23:54:38 UTC  

oh yeah and 3) do cardio at the gym as it's 90% girls wearing yoga pants

2018-10-02 23:54:42 UTC  

because it's enabling pedophilia and other forms of degeneracy @Earth's Very Own K

2018-10-02 23:54:45 UTC  

The atom bomb made rice krispies way before Kelloggs smh

2018-10-02 23:54:46 UTC  

and its so annoying when it gets posted in chat

2018-10-02 23:54:48 UTC  

@irix evidences?

2018-10-02 23:54:48 UTC  

So are pigs and cows wtf