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open borders for earth

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Open borders for Moldavia

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@irix no it wasn't, if it was there would be no one left in China, it's used as a metaphor of extreme piety, if you look up that wiki article you posted. Children are told the story of adults carving up pieces of themselves to feed their parents during harsh times.

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open borders for africa

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c'mon guys just go colonize it

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Open borders for Canada

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Holy shit man all these new prestigious/notorious

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@Mord ik man and im not one of them <:FeelsBadMan:356316589689405440>

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Nobody's arguing that "everyone in China ate everyone." That's hilarious.

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@irix it's just a story, nothing more.

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srry srry

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what anime

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how much money would it take for you to move to Africa

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it was

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If documented history is a story, then you're better off not contributing to the discussion.

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an emote

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Hello Everyone!

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@irix dude just read the wiki article

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I want at least $2,000,000 USD

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The only thing I see is that the symbolic offering of a children cutting off a part of their hand to give to their parents was seen as filial

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So Jews have their place in society as a financial caste in your view then

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Got it

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@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] but you can freely move into those positions

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And even that was criticized by scholars

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Did you read the portion in which cannibalism in China was practiced up until 1968?

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and I'd demand to live in South Africa in the Western Cape

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@irix it's from a story of a filial and piety son who carved his flesh to feed his parents.

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Caste system exists in India

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You can live under it if you want to

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aw sorry guys i ruined it

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@Mord Where's my prestigious!

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