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Vegans eat trees

2019-03-16 20:32:40 UTC  

trees make oxygen

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2019-03-16 20:32:48 UTC  

i still havent been unnmuted

2019-03-16 20:32:57 UTC  

The earth is flatter than my azz

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2019-03-16 20:33:24 UTC  

The earth is as flat as my head

2019-03-16 20:33:25 UTC  

Give me a reason why I should unmute you

2019-03-16 20:33:39 UTC  


2019-03-16 20:33:47 UTC  

i just want to ask questions

2019-03-16 20:33:58 UTC  

Whom you did you

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2019-03-16 20:34:08 UTC  

Who muted you

2019-03-16 20:34:08 UTC  

and i honestly dont know why i was muted, because when i went off of this server for a couple of hours, i was muted when i got back

2019-03-16 20:34:12 UTC  

Cummmm here

2019-03-16 20:34:15 UTC  

i couldnt tell you

2019-03-16 20:34:32 UTC  

i dont preach my thoughts either, i just want to ask questions and get information because i find this very interesting

2019-03-16 20:34:39 UTC  

OK I’m going to unmute you and I’m gonna listen to you talk make any trouble and you’ll be made it again is that fair

2019-03-16 20:34:48 UTC  

i understand

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2019-03-16 20:35:12 UTC  

Yo yo my name is Kieth and who wants some willy in da club?!?!?

2019-03-16 20:35:28 UTC  

I spit fire

2019-03-16 20:35:39 UTC  

While you hip tiee

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2019-03-16 20:35:45 UTC  

hello, my name is Bill Schneeple. I am looking to discuss about flat earthing. but first let me tell you a bit about myself I have been divorced by a woman who stole my collection of flat earth documentaries she says she dumped me because im a flat earther. why is this. WHY?

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2019-03-16 20:35:54 UTC  

Holla holla wi the dolla

2019-03-16 20:35:59 UTC  

you saw memeulous' video lol

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2019-03-16 20:36:14 UTC  

hippity hoppity im the next eminem opity

2019-03-16 20:36:17 UTC  

@A Search for Roche's Rifle bro do your thing ..gotta eat

2019-03-16 20:36:21 UTC  

Ay yall the coolest man in da club is here

2019-03-16 20:36:34 UTC  

i am unemployed alcoholic bill schneeple

2019-03-16 20:36:45 UTC  

@|>~Patrick~<| I may be a virgin but I give very good relationship advice

2019-03-16 20:36:57 UTC  

dm me

2019-03-16 20:37:11 UTC  

Yall have hoes?

2019-03-16 20:37:16 UTC  

In minecraft?