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@Quasi what is with you and human rights, do you believe in slavery?

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<@396901899724521482> np

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@Noxar true, but this can be either aggravated or alieviated based upon material and historical contexts like how the example I gave

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@Leiro レイロ no, it can't, this has already been tested in experiments

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Why should free speech be a principle? Free speech is a relatively new concept and we had nations way before it.
`Correct not all ideas are rational, that doesn't mean I should have a criminal record for voicing them`
Why not if those ideas threaten the establishment (assuming our preferred establishment)
`what is with you and human rights, do you believe in slavery?`
I just believe in duty, not rights.

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<@!396901899724521482> Do you believe in God?

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Alright I will delet

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Would it then not be your duty to convince others of toxic ideologies instead of imprisoning them.

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<@!396901899724521482> I am deleting you now, I am sorry. I will re-add you when you accept Jesus into your life.

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Guys my new youth worker is based AF

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<@!396901899724521482> I find it humorous that atheists think that religious people have only faith and no evidence yet usually have absolute faith in ''human rights''

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@Leiro レイロ they've conducted experiments of for example taking black children and placing them in adoptive families, some went to White families, some into black families. They took IQ tests at certain points in their life - when adopted, growing up and adult.

The IQ of blacks growing up in white family was a point or 2 higher while young, but went down to the black average after they became adults.

The kids went to better schools, families had more money than the black families, etc. Yet their IQ didn't grow

IQ is absolutely biological

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I was talking about an atheist I had in my contacts and Craig pointed it out, not you <@!396901899724521482>

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She even said that a constitutional republic is far more superior than a democracy

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`Would it then not be your duty to convince others of toxic ideologies instead of imprisoning them.`
Unless they won't be convinced

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If you go vegan, then your IQ rises up

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@3260 well no, but going vegetarian could be healthier

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I approve

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We absolutely do eat excessive amounts of meat these days, what's worse, SHITTY meat @3260

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Journalists literally battling Zuckerbergs "news feed" zombies

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I've heard that feeding on meat is very inefficient too

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@Noxar but the example I mentioned was ideas and theories being transmitted over a series of multiple generations. You cannot just do experiments and claim it dosent work, it dosent take into regard generational influences

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@Quasi then publicly shame them

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@3260 ever heard of a carnivore diet?

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@Kraftzmann the Free I men's vaccines do inject a weak form of the virus, small enough so the body can deal with the danger and build anti-bodies. So technically it does give you flu kek

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@WizardLizardInABlizzard Prison *is* public shame

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Not criminally incarnate them

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Yes, so what about it

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@Noxar Enjoy 0% masculinity

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Nor is that Christian :^)

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No it is not

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It is punishment

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@Logical-Scholar Why are you harboring a personal vendetta against me?

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Having a criminal record isn't shameful?

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That's not how things work

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Shame isn't punishment?