Message from @ChadThanos

Discord ID: 452991177143222273

2018-06-04 00:25:12 UTC  

1. No Communists, Zionists, Liberals, ANTIFA, Capitalists(althought Nat Cap is allowed) and Anarchists (Commies, Zionists, ANTIFA and Social Liberals are not welcomed here and will be banned forever but some of them are excepted to be guest) but Nazbol is allowed as long they don’t support Marxist ideas.
2. Be mature
3. No Larping allowed
4. No pseudo Fascists and fake National Socialists like AWD, Skinhead Hooligans, Neo Nazi, etc., No Alt Right like Trumpster/Kekistani and also Richard Spencer type (We dont want Alt Right faggots to join our server)
5. Respect the other members despite you can criticize the others ethnic, races and etc. without directly insult to other members. *Very Important*
6. Post content on channel correctly
7. Speak English in Full conversation If you want to talk in other languages beside English go to <#460724665795739658>
8. General Channels are for semi serious, Serious Channels are for serious and Entertainment is for non serious chatting, please discuss on the specific topics on channel correctly We are not shitposting server. If you want to talk randomly go to <#452977982265360394> *Very Important*

2018-06-05 01:26:10 UTC  

9. No Degeneracy like Brony, Anime especially modern one, LGBT, furry, incest, and etc. This server will not tolerate any posting or supporting for degeneracies. (including full blood gore picture)
10. If you are not belong to our ideologies, you will be tag as visitor and if you are willing to learn from us, you will be tag as learning for learning about our ideologies and dont start attacking on us.
11. When Admins made final decisions, don’t argue with it final decision is final done.
12. For <#452988412383723540> anyone who wish to be partner with our server, talk to the Consuls. For advertising it’s not allowed unless you ask the permission from consul for it.
13. Any problems or curious, talk to Consuls, Praetors(Senior Admin) or Tribune(Junior Admin)
14. Don’t spam If you want to spam go post at <#452978015291572226>
15. If you intend to dox the other members and try to destroy this server, you will be forever banned.
16.. If you disobey the rules, you will be warn then if you resist warning, you will either go to prison channel, some guilty case are either kick or ban