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2019-03-30 07:58:06 UTC  

old meme

2019-03-30 08:02:35 UTC  

Enybody hier that know why its createt the lie about this that erth its Globe?

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@destroyallsecrets tell me please what you know thanx..

2019-03-30 08:07:43 UTC  

1 Peter 2:22

2019-03-30 08:07:43 UTC  

**1 Peter 2:22 - King James Version (KJV)**


<22> Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: ```

2019-03-30 08:07:56 UTC  

Jesus doesn’t lie, sorry.

2019-03-30 08:08:47 UTC  

Jesus doesn't exist,sorry.

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@Derek Nelson ok what its the point that thei seing erth its a Globe?

2019-03-30 08:14:02 UTC  

@Derek Nelson so do you know that erth its flat that its creation of God and you belive in bible right?

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@Derek Nelson ok,so that you belive Im show you shometing ok?

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@Derek Nelson you know that Antarctic its a big part of the lie about the how really erth lock like?

2019-03-30 08:31:35 UTC  

That’s what I hear, esox, mhmm.

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@Derek Nelson ok check this on Englich its Antarctic pople they speak Englich writen Jesus Christy but pople in east europe writen Jezis Kristus did you know that?

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What are Aliens

2019-03-30 08:50:39 UTC  

an alien is a foreigner to a nation

2019-03-30 08:51:07 UTC  

as well as a fraud disinformation fear control mechanism

2019-03-30 08:51:07 UTC  

I guess.

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and probably people just like us living or once living on hidden lands

2019-03-30 08:52:34 UTC  

which have been hidden from us

2019-03-30 08:52:39 UTC  

Lets talk about the theory of reality

2019-03-30 08:53:03 UTC  

What do you know about it.

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i hope not

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I say simulation

2019-03-30 08:54:40 UTC  

What I have found out is that technological advancements are crucial to this theory because we know that over time new and futuristic advancements will be made. Let’s back this point up; Currently we already have simulation/ Vr in the form of games and entertainment but what if the same thing is being done to us. What if you are a character that someone chose. What ‘they’ created you, if we to try to find that out we would need a super computer that out which is just not possible because we have not under-gone that type of advancement.