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2019-03-30 22:05:30 UTC  

its just the radiation black holes emit.

2019-03-30 22:05:31 UTC

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2019-03-30 22:05:59 UTC  

how did he climb the stairway to heaven

2019-03-30 22:06:07 UTC  

by looking at him yes. why do you need to try and enforce your opinion on everyone?

2019-03-30 22:06:33 UTC  

real is relative today tbh.

2019-03-30 22:07:02 UTC  

Somehow he’s the only person in the world to synthesize his voice, after he lost use of it?

2019-03-30 22:07:13 UTC  

he used a computer.

2019-03-30 22:07:20 UTC  

he wasent the only one

2019-03-30 22:07:23 UTC  

Get real.

2019-03-30 22:07:40 UTC  

his internet connection died

2019-03-30 22:07:49 UTC  

i think sheeple is abtter hawkins

2019-03-30 22:07:58 UTC  

what you believe isnt what i call real. you call what you believe real i call what i believe real. dwi

2019-03-30 22:08:08 UTC  

Sheeple can actually speak.

2019-03-30 22:08:09 UTC  

sheeple probably does have ALS, yes.

2019-03-30 22:08:16 UTC  

i’m jk lmao

2019-03-30 22:08:26 UTC  

its sad, some people think he said all that stuff... when someone else was probably typing what the robot voice was saying XD

2019-03-30 22:08:32 UTC  


2019-03-30 22:08:45 UTC  

has anyone witnessed him typing

2019-03-30 22:08:51 UTC  

he supposdly used his tongue to type

2019-03-30 22:08:57 UTC  

but his tongue was sticking out

2019-03-30 22:09:05 UTC  


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2019-03-30 22:09:36 UTC  

Nobody can determine he actually spoke with his tongue typing. It’s retard on steroids.

2019-03-30 22:09:49 UTC  

Steven hawking. i mentioned hawking radiation and it was perceived as steven hawking

2019-03-30 22:10:01 UTC  


2019-03-30 22:10:04 UTC  

@Derek Nelson thats extremely disrespectful wtf

2019-03-30 22:10:18 UTC  

he didnt do shit

2019-03-30 22:10:31 UTC  

you just called people with ALS r word on steriods. are you for real?

2019-03-30 22:10:51 UTC  

Hey guys

2019-03-30 22:10:53 UTC  

You think he lived for 53 years with ALS? When the life expectancy is 3-5 years?

2019-03-30 22:11:13 UTC  


2019-03-30 22:11:38 UTC  

@Derek Nelson YOU JUST CALLED VICTIMS OF ALS "R-WORD ON STEROIDS" that is so damn vile, what is wrong with you?

2019-03-30 22:11:53 UTC  

As a matter of fact I do. But I possess no degrees.

2019-03-30 22:12:14 UTC  

i cant believe how evil you are. insulting the disabled

2019-03-30 22:12:24 UTC  

im shocked

2019-03-30 22:12:31 UTC  

What did I walk into

2019-03-30 22:13:06 UTC  

@nef - nah, ..he called people that think/believe that "Stephen Hawking" lived all that time, with ALS, ...r-word on sterioids

2019-03-30 22:13:21 UTC  
2019-03-30 22:13:44 UTC  

Everyone who gets ALS has a 3-5 year life span from the time of diagnoses. And you’re saying Stephen Hawking had it for 53 years?