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2019-04-07 17:31:54 UTC  

Your *Geyser*?

2019-04-07 17:31:58 UTC  


2019-04-07 17:32:14 UTC  

yes, it provides us hot water through the tap

2019-04-07 17:32:24 UTC  

Ah, gotcha

2019-04-07 17:32:30 UTC  

Sounds kind of bad

2019-04-07 17:32:32 UTC  

haha yeah

2019-04-07 17:33:29 UTC  

it's not that bad.. its just annoying because i cancelled insurance last week and now i've been advised to go through insurance.. haven't had a problem now for 12 years although insured now suddenly

2019-04-07 17:33:34 UTC  

it's just crap timing

2019-04-07 17:34:41 UTC  


2019-04-07 17:34:47 UTC  

That’s worse, lol

2019-04-07 17:35:12 UTC  

Ouch yeah
That is the worst timing ever

2019-04-07 17:36:04 UTC  

typical bad luck lol .. story of my life .. but hell this year has been awesome so far in comparison to last year really enjoying life these days

2019-04-07 17:36:39 UTC  

Same for me here
Believe this year is gonna be a good year

2019-04-07 17:36:57 UTC  

serious? wow wonder how many others feel that way

2019-04-07 17:38:30 UTC  

A lot of bad things happened to me last year
Some problems is still there but are going to be fixed soon

2019-04-07 17:39:36 UTC  

well that's great it's looking up

2019-04-07 17:39:52 UTC  

i think us just hanging around others like us helps too

2019-04-07 17:40:22 UTC  

I am happy to hear that this year is doing better for you too!

2019-04-07 17:42:25 UTC  

haha this year has done it's very best to f#@k me up the a$$ and has already done so few times but nothing compared with last few years yet so im starting to feel invincible .. i resigned too from work others i've chatted with said it's helped wonders too for them work is a real killer too

2019-04-07 17:44:49 UTC  

I hope it will continue getting better and better for you
Yeah I also had to quit some few jobs because it simply was too much
Starting to living a more simple life has really helped and trying not to worry as much

2019-04-07 17:48:17 UTC  

tomorrow will be the first Monday i haven't gone in for 11 years

2019-04-07 17:48:36 UTC  

Monday morning free

2019-04-07 17:48:41 UTC  

2019-04-07 17:49:11 UTC  

and yeah, simple life is so much more simple and can only lead to more piece of mind

2019-04-07 17:49:24 UTC  

That is gonna feel super weird XD
But also so good

2019-04-07 17:49:41 UTC  

which is basically my current life goal.. peace of mind nothing else really

2019-04-07 17:50:25 UTC  

Monday morning and every morning after that .. indefinitely off is weird that's for sure

2019-04-07 17:50:33 UTC  

That is a good goal to go for

2019-04-07 17:51:24 UTC  

Thanks ! ✨

2019-04-07 17:52:42 UTC  


2019-04-07 17:52:48 UTC  

Keep smiling and follow your dreams and everything will go

2019-04-07 17:52:52 UTC  

Hello Jeb

2019-04-07 17:53:45 UTC  

Hope you are having a great day

2019-04-07 17:54:15 UTC  

>>unmute 335952306254118914

2019-04-07 17:54:22 UTC  

!unmute 335952306254118914

2019-04-07 17:54:27 UTC  

+unmute 335952306254118914

2019-04-07 17:54:33 UTC  

$unmute 335952306254118914

2019-04-07 17:54:49 UTC  

yes will take all the hobbies i have and take them far as i can and see where they will lead me @Tejiu The Gecko

2019-04-07 17:54:52 UTC  

Don't spam text chat.

2019-04-07 17:55:54 UTC  

Well I’m back

2019-04-07 17:56:20 UTC  

I wish you all the best of luck to you with that!
Even with our differences of view point and wish the same for everyone else