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2019-04-07 18:08:08 UTC  

im too slow to understand what you just said.. could you please elaborate @Epic Gamer

2019-04-07 18:09:37 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:10:38 UTC  

that's more like a gravity light pillar than a string come on now

2019-04-07 18:10:41 UTC  

Hi guys! Im new

2019-04-07 18:10:55 UTC  

Hello Biga

2019-04-07 18:11:04 UTC  

And welcome

2019-04-07 18:11:15 UTC  

thx ­čśâ

2019-04-07 18:11:35 UTC  

Hello .. Im new too!! Been here 20minutes now

2019-04-07 18:11:41 UTC  

Hi biga! Leave this server. They are all slow in the head

2019-04-07 18:11:59 UTC  

lol i am not here to insult people

2019-04-07 18:12:08 UTC  

i am here to debate respectfuly

2019-04-07 18:12:18 UTC  

@Epic Gamer still can't explain? okay now you're being bit slow man

2019-04-07 18:12:27 UTC  

Same here Biga

2019-04-07 18:12:45 UTC  

Y'all are tryna get me banned ­čśé

2019-04-07 18:12:56 UTC  

Nice! are you a "flat earther" or a "globe earther"

2019-04-07 18:13:04 UTC  

nah you're trying to get yourself banned ­čśâ

2019-04-07 18:13:13 UTC  

A globe earther here

2019-04-07 18:13:19 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:13:27 UTC  

Oh then same here, guess we have nothing to disagree lol

2019-04-07 18:13:37 UTC

2019-04-07 18:13:44 UTC  

how long ago did you guys first get exposed to FE

2019-04-07 18:13:47 UTC  

Not in the mood for debate today as I am pretty tired today and playing a good game lol

2019-04-07 18:14:02 UTC  

Seems like the education system hasn't failed us

2019-04-07 18:14:03 UTC  

carlito i watched a channel named "proffesor stick"

2019-04-07 18:14:07 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:14:10 UTC  
2019-04-07 18:14:12 UTC  

Same here lol

2019-04-07 18:14:39 UTC  

lol what's happening on that channel

2019-04-07 18:14:59 UTC  

lol @Tejiu The Gecko when you find an actually nice flat earther you can actually get some nice conversation going believe it or not

2019-04-07 18:15:26 UTC  

He is atheist youtuber that debunks flat earthers and pseudoscience

2019-04-07 18:15:33 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:15:40 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:15:41 UTC  

well im a flat earther and we've been talking nice up till now so there

2019-04-07 18:15:47 UTC  

@Tejiu The Gecko Has he debunked the gravity pseudoscience yet?

2019-04-07 18:15:54 UTC  

Yeah some are nice and okay

2019-04-07 18:15:56 UTC  

The earth is a dinosaur

2019-04-07 18:15:59 UTC  

wanna debate ?:) @carlito

2019-04-07 18:15:59 UTC  

right never heard of him

2019-04-07 18:16:03 UTC  

How about the office fires melting steel beams pseudoscience?

2019-04-07 18:16:10 UTC  

@carlito wanna sail to the edge of the world with me ­čśä