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2019-04-07 18:27:35 UTC  

around what wattage was your laser beam

2019-04-07 18:27:51 UTC  

wattage? i dont know what that is

2019-04-07 18:28:11 UTC  

because wouldn't you need a great wattage (signal strength) to reach 93million miles

2019-04-07 18:28:22 UTC  

@Biga S How did you calculate those results? There's no way to calculate the distance to the sun from earth.

2019-04-07 18:28:27 UTC  

@carlito May I see your measurement please?

2019-04-07 18:28:34 UTC  

With accuracy

2019-04-07 18:28:53 UTC  

Values extracted from hypothetical models are not measurements

2019-04-07 18:28:56 UTC  

what measurement? i never said i had a measurement in first place @Human Sheeple

2019-04-07 18:29:31 UTC  

Then you don't know the distance from the Earth's surface to the sun.

2019-04-07 18:29:41 UTC  

Alright, @Biga S has been warned for '**Mass mention**'.

2019-04-07 18:29:46 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:29:55 UTC  

@Human Sheeple Did you know shooting A laser at the sun can tell you it's distance? I didn't.

2019-04-07 18:30:03 UTC  

well, what 'ive been told is that it's 93 million miles yes i know that that's what i've been told yes

2019-04-07 18:30:20 UTC  

yes it can @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 does your little brain need an explanation?

2019-04-07 18:30:23 UTC  

mass mention? !?

2019-04-07 18:30:51 UTC  

uhmm,, was my question so stupid that it didn't deserve an answer lol

2019-04-07 18:30:53 UTC  

How do you see the reflection and how do you get the divergence so low?

2019-04-07 18:30:57 UTC  

I'll explain then - time * speed = distance

2019-04-07 18:31:07 UTC  

no @carlito i am answering sorry they are disturbing me 😦

2019-04-07 18:31:36 UTC  

@Biga S How about You be extremely careful of your next words, condescending prick. I did not insult you for your opinions so don't you dare start that shit, here. Yes, explain. And keep your insulting opinions to your damn self.

2019-04-07 18:31:49 UTC  

moto moto made earth

2019-04-07 18:32:20 UTC  

okay sorry for insulting. time * speed = distance, that's how it's possible to measure the distance from sun to earth. got it??

2019-04-07 18:32:31 UTC  

@carlito logged off so no debate

2019-04-07 18:32:38 UTC  

never mind!

2019-04-07 18:32:42 UTC  

we are listening

2019-04-07 18:32:44 UTC  

1 corinthians 13:11

2019-04-07 18:32:48 UTC  

**1 Corinthians 13:11 - King James Version with Apocrypha (KJVA)**


<11> When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. ```

2019-04-07 18:33:16 UTC  

How do you measure time and speed of... what, exactly?

2019-04-07 18:33:23 UTC  


2019-04-07 18:33:26 UTC  

how can we not mind to hear of an experiment that is going to change our entire mindset regarding the shape of the earth

2019-04-07 18:33:36 UTC  

speed of light changes depending on the medium

2019-04-07 18:33:46 UTC  

yeah. carlito the "lazer" is basiclly a strong machine that shoots rays of light into space and measures how long they take to come back, i dont know how much force it takes though i can ask

2019-04-07 18:33:58 UTC  
2019-04-07 18:34:01 UTC  

@Human Sheeple yes. that is correct but not rellevent

2019-04-07 18:34:17 UTC  

And assuming there's vacuum above you when you can clearly see refraction is kind of a no brainer

2019-04-07 18:34:29 UTC  

yes well one would think think that it needs a frikkin big force to get that far and come back too..

2019-04-07 18:34:34 UTC  

lol that is an old film camera but fine

2019-04-07 18:34:36 UTC  

does it bounce back off the sun?

2019-04-07 18:34:40 UTC  

How the hell do you know when they "come back"

2019-04-07 18:34:46 UTC