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2017-04-04 22:50:27 UTC

2017-04-04 22:50:39 UTC  

aw hell yeah invader zim

2017-04-04 22:50:43 UTC  

Liberals continue to eat eachother

2017-04-04 22:51:04 UTC  

Cartoon Network traveled back in time again?

2017-04-04 22:51:10 UTC  

NEW INVADER ZIM BETTER BE GOOD... or else fuck everything

2017-04-04 22:51:37 UTC  

Nah bruh, Cartoon Network is dead to me. Nickelodeon better get this shit right

2017-04-04 22:51:43 UTC  

yay protesting is completely peaceful and definetly not white liberals look how diverse we are give us money

2017-04-04 22:52:36 UTC  

I like how the signs just say "peace ☮XD"

2017-04-04 22:52:53 UTC  

Like deep down they know it's a bullshit ad and they don't want to commit

2017-04-04 22:52:59 UTC  

Cartoon Network kills all the shows they try to revive

2017-04-04 22:53:10 UTC  

and then Adult Swim buys them and makes it something decent

2017-04-04 22:53:12 UTC  


2017-04-04 22:53:12 UTC  

Samurai Jack is top tier

2017-04-04 22:53:17 UTC  


2017-04-04 22:53:17 UTC  

New Invader Zim?

2017-04-04 22:53:22 UTC  

Samurai Jack is dope

2017-04-04 22:53:27 UTC  

theyre not afraid to get violent

2017-04-04 22:53:43 UTC  

i hope they just improve the original animation without making it look like bubble guppies

2017-04-04 22:54:07 UTC  

the same thing happened with cars everything became round and curvy and looks like shit

2017-04-04 22:56:34 UTC  
2017-04-04 22:56:42 UTC  


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2017-04-04 22:56:46 UTC  

This is me

2017-04-04 22:56:49 UTC  

OMG haha

2017-04-04 22:56:57 UTC  

i meant to say yes

2017-04-04 22:58:55 UTC  

yes to new invader zim

2017-04-04 22:59:03 UTC  

I'm so happy

2017-04-04 22:59:05 UTC  

Or sad

2017-04-04 22:59:08 UTC  


2017-04-04 22:59:11 UTC  

If it's by CN I'm gonna kms

2017-04-04 22:59:13 UTC  

i hope they dont fuck it up

2017-04-04 22:59:43 UTC  

You saw wtf they did with Teen Titans to the point that the writers make entire episodes laughing at how shitty the show is

2017-04-04 22:59:54 UTC  

Dude, i cant talk about that

2017-04-04 23:00:04 UTC  

It triggers my Teen Titans PTSD

2017-04-04 23:00:09 UTC  

teen titans go is the worst shit ever smeared on a tv screen

2017-04-04 23:00:22 UTC  

I just feel bad for the artists because the artists on that show are insanely amazing. Night Begins to Shine episode was the shit at least

2017-04-04 23:00:29 UTC  


2017-04-04 23:00:45 UTC  

No the new Powerpuff Girls is the worst shit, Teen Titans is a less shitty shit

2017-04-04 23:00:56 UTC  

oh yeah i forgot about that

2017-04-04 23:01:03 UTC  

How do you guys like: