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2017-04-05 22:24:59 UTC  

seriously dont click that its a hack

2017-04-05 22:25:47 UTC  

@DuraLexSedLex SHOW PICS

2017-04-05 22:26:48 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA @Airmid You guys are talking about the cuck commic, right?

2017-04-05 22:29:18 UTC  

10 until Berkley lads

2017-04-05 22:29:32 UTC  

@BlackMetalWitch one moment

2017-04-05 22:29:48 UTC  

I've been posting awoos all over campus

2017-04-05 22:30:15 UTC

2017-04-05 22:31:41 UTC  

Yfw you wont be in action

2017-04-05 22:31:51 UTC  

Yfw stuck in the middle of nowhere

2017-04-05 22:32:38 UTC  

I should stop reading the comic. It makes me want to kill everyone involved

2017-04-05 22:32:48 UTC  

@BlackMetalWitch Much redpilling will be done in the Buckeye state

2017-04-05 22:32:58 UTC  


2017-04-05 22:33:07 UTC  


2017-04-05 22:34:28 UTC  

April 15th another Berkeley event. Hope i can take that day off.

2017-04-05 22:34:30 UTC  

I bought like four or five of the poster variety packs and one of each of the sticker packs seen above

2017-04-05 22:34:50 UTC  

I'll be equipped for a while

2017-04-05 22:36:28 UTC  

Now what I want is little patches of the anticom memeball crying

2017-04-05 22:37:25 UTC  

So I can wear them like fighter pilots painting silhouettes of aircraft on the side of the fuselage

2017-04-05 22:37:52 UTC  

One=one antifa CA'd and/or KO'd

2017-04-05 22:38:53 UTC  

We need helicopter ride meme stickers

2017-04-05 22:39:49 UTC  

Failing that I'll make stencils or something

2017-04-05 22:40:17 UTC  


2017-04-05 22:41:02 UTC  
2017-04-05 22:41:06 UTC  

I want to name her Glory

2017-04-05 22:41:46 UTC  

nothing makes me more proud to be an american than bill 89

2017-04-05 22:41:53 UTC  

@DuraLexSedLex @BlackMetalWitch fucking right. Order some my dudes. First batch of patches were just shipped.

2017-04-05 22:43:09 UTC  

canada is so fucked

2017-04-05 22:43:59 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA I'm trying to find Anarchyball's palate atm for the desired image. I know he posted one p[ublically once

2017-04-05 22:45:48 UTC  

You wanna make a sticker with it?

2017-04-05 22:46:21 UTC

2017-04-05 22:47:27 UTC  

I was mostly talking trash but yeah, if people are into it, why not?

2017-04-05 22:48:41 UTC  

Little crying ancoms who didn't expect the "fash" to "bash" back

2017-04-05 22:49:31 UTC  

>when u antagonize a vitalist philosophy that values strength above all and expect to win in a street fight

2017-04-05 22:51:15 UTC  

Who ever said anything about fighting them fair?

2017-04-05 22:58:19 UTC  

Added undefined to the queue.

2017-04-05 22:59:00 UTC  

Added undefined to the queue.

2017-04-05 22:59:32 UTC  

do you guys like the awoo song

2017-04-05 22:59:54 UTC

2017-04-05 23:00:25 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA a song using awoo