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2019-04-13 20:41:22 UTC  

Due to where it is shining

2019-04-13 20:41:24 UTC  

I don't understand how you can be so deliberately ignorant to this.

2019-04-13 20:41:28 UTC  

they have pictures thats the problem

2019-04-13 20:41:32 UTC  

lol is it seriously harder to explain than the Globe model?

2019-04-13 20:41:34 UTC  

we arent ignorant

2019-04-13 20:41:34 UTC  

of the sun and how it lights up our earth

2019-04-13 20:41:43 UTC  

@Credibly Charted That example doesn't have a sun in the middle.

2019-04-13 20:41:45 UTC  

I just don't understand how this would work at all, you clearly know how light actually works

2019-04-13 20:41:50 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:41:55 UTC  

Did you crunch the numbers?

2019-04-13 20:41:57 UTC  

First prove Earth is a planet

2019-04-13 20:41:59 UTC  

you are ignorant towards thousands of years of mathematics

2019-04-13 20:42:08 UTC  

mad philosopher

2019-04-13 20:42:21 UTC  

cant type

2019-04-13 20:42:22 UTC  

The sun being in any place would still give a good potion of the earth light [not to even mention burning it]

2019-04-13 20:42:25 UTC  

@Human Sheeple we did, but you guys are challenging it. Now it's your turn to show us why.

2019-04-13 20:42:40 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy May I see your measurement please

2019-04-13 20:43:00 UTC  

I was referring to the size of the sun, but we have all you need

2019-04-13 20:43:10 UTC  

Just wait a moment

2019-04-13 20:43:18 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy May I see your measurement of the Sun please

2019-04-13 20:43:20 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy who's 'we'

2019-04-13 20:43:20 UTC  

For the record, This is why farther things seem smaller.

2019-04-13 20:43:22 UTC  

hold on a min

2019-04-13 20:44:42 UTC  

@carlito Missed me bro

2019-04-13 20:44:49 UTC  

I'm going to get some drink

2019-04-13 20:44:56 UTC  

I will be back in a short period

2019-04-13 20:44:56 UTC  

Sheeple I know that you know what I am about to show you but because you asked I will show you anyway

2019-04-13 20:45:00 UTC  

@Credibly Charted So you admit that you presume how a sun would work on a flat earth. You presume a sun would be too large, too powerful, and too close or far away to work.

2019-04-13 20:45:29 UTC  

I am a nazi

2019-04-13 20:45:34 UTC  

and a tissue

2019-04-13 20:45:35 UTC  

You presume it would scorch the earth because you presume its power

2019-04-13 20:45:41 UTC  

I wipe hitlers arse

2019-04-13 20:45:53 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:45:57 UTC  

no pls

2019-04-13 20:45:58 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy It's not that stupid sticks and shadows fallacy network?

2019-04-13 20:46:02 UTC  

ill get segenz on u

2019-04-13 20:46:09 UTC  

You presume it would illuminate the entire earth because you presume light travels infinitely far.

2019-04-13 20:46:17 UTC  
2019-04-13 20:47:05 UTC  

Ahoy spongeboy me bob I’ve overdosed on ketamine and I’m going to die argargargarg

2019-04-13 20:47:07 UTC  

Their entire theory is based on presumptions so shouldn't surprise

2019-04-13 20:47:25 UTC  

which theory