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2019-04-14 06:02:02 UTC  

the solar eclipse

2019-04-14 06:02:39 UTC  

I think it was Covariant and I who made a Bee server after the Save the Bees thing became a joke here, lol.

2019-04-14 06:02:40 UTC  

no they know that

2019-04-14 06:02:57 UTC

2019-04-14 06:02:58 UTC  

This server, for all the things that have happened here, has made for some fun times.

2019-04-14 06:03:00 UTC  

**not the bees**

2019-04-14 06:03:36 UTC  

I bet i would be banned for posting a joke like that but for the other side

2019-04-14 06:03:37 UTC  


2019-04-14 06:03:40 UTC  


2019-04-14 06:04:23 UTC  

i believe that both sides shouldnt do that

2019-04-14 06:04:35 UTC  

its pointless anyway

2019-04-14 06:04:39 UTC  

And on the off chance you want my opinion, Seeker, even if I don’t think we should just ban all the globe earthers, and I think your moderation style is too reminiscent of 24/7, you’re an alright guy, you still listen to others, and you look out for your buddies, and I respect you for that.

2019-04-14 06:04:56 UTC  

OOf--i had so many typos up there ↑

***im just getting started for the night lol,

--maybe i need some more coffee/espresso lol
(im just getting up ..from a nighttime 'nap' i had, eh...

2019-04-14 06:05:06 UTC  

Imma be real, Mike

2019-04-14 06:05:15 UTC  


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2019-04-14 06:05:34 UTC  

Mike is an API

2019-04-14 06:05:38 UTC  

Between your punctuation and the random gifs, It takes a cipher to figure out what you post half the time, lol

2019-04-14 06:05:50 UTC  


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2019-04-14 06:06:07 UTC  

many people love my writing style ✍ <:BigSmiles:556070613224259594>

2019-04-14 06:06:13 UTC  

I still remember the first time I saw you type, I think it was in Gem’s server.

2019-04-14 06:06:21 UTC  

truthfully, its a "love it or hate it" style lol

2019-04-14 06:06:27 UTC  

I was like, *What the?*

2019-04-14 06:06:37 UTC  

what parts about the "puncuation" tho? 😃

2019-04-14 06:06:44 UTC  

Honestly it actually fits you pretty well, Mike

2019-04-14 06:06:58 UTC  

well Spank you very much

2019-04-14 06:07:02 UTC  

x D

2019-04-14 06:07:02 UTC  

It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s so characteristic that I wouldn’t change a thing.

2019-04-14 06:07:10 UTC  

okie 👌

2019-04-14 06:07:12 UTC  

I question Mike's humanity, a robot in the flesh

2019-04-14 06:07:13 UTC  

: )

2019-04-14 06:07:26 UTC  

Characteristic not character geriatric. Wtf

2019-04-14 06:07:33 UTC  

Spellcheck is a curse.

2019-04-14 06:07:35 UTC  


2019-04-14 06:07:37 UTC  

nah, no robot--dats foe'sure doe..

2019-04-14 06:07:52 UTC  

which reminds me, ..

2019-04-14 06:08:07 UTC  

I used to Question Sheeple’s humanity. Then I saw his YT, lol.

2019-04-14 06:08:14 UTC  

i type differently i am no Monotone robot lol 🤖

2019-04-14 06:08:19 UTC  

Sheeple also stopped using the robo voice, so that was cool