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2019-04-15 18:57:19 UTC  

How about we just take the super negative view?

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ive tried to research but need more proof can u guy help me

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i would of course pick option 2

2019-04-15 18:58:10 UTC  

but i'm not a psychopath

2019-04-15 18:58:33 UTC  

government can do 2 things

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thats sorta demonising towards psychopaths

2019-04-15 18:58:56 UTC  

you're right

2019-04-15 18:59:26 UTC  

another libtard rekt

2019-04-15 18:59:27 UTC  

i don't mean to generalise all psychopaths but those types of evil people are psychopaths

2019-04-15 18:59:27 UTC  

@Bob Regrettably most of the info has been scrubbed or buried. Since the new censorship. I only have access to what I had saved thus far.

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2019-04-15 19:00:07 UTC  

@The Gwench actually I am willing to bet that less people died than what they said did, probably a lot less.

2019-04-15 19:00:08 UTC  

Most psychopaths become corporate CEOs and politicians.

2019-04-15 19:00:23 UTC  

good to know

2019-04-15 19:00:37 UTC  

as with most staged events

2019-04-15 19:00:50 UTC  

ok thx @The Gwench 0

2019-04-15 19:00:51 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth it would be a perfect opportunity to begin anew. I wonder how many took advantage of this event to go incognito.

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i dont think "makes too much sense"

2019-04-15 19:01:27 UTC  

@The Gwench its how a lot of people begin a "new life"

2019-04-15 19:01:29 UTC  

is a valid argument in any context really

2019-04-15 19:02:27 UTC  

interesting theory

2019-04-15 19:02:33 UTC  

Remember that one report of how one of the flights supposed landed safely on 9/11? (One of the planes which supposedly struck one of the towers). Then that report got scrubbed... Vanished no trace.

2019-04-15 19:02:41 UTC  

the US was only ever pulled out of the great depression by WWII

2019-04-15 19:02:45 UTC  

so it has its motives

2019-04-15 19:02:47 UTC  

i dont care though

2019-04-15 19:03:02 UTC  

we are literally in a server called the ice wall

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i cant accurately gauge how mental you people are without clear indications on your beliefs

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Read people’s roles, then, @RNG Salesman

2019-04-15 19:03:59 UTC  

That’s why those roles are there

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what do u think about 9/11 aetos

2019-04-15 19:04:21 UTC  

why is "nukes are real"

2019-04-15 19:04:24 UTC  

@Superiorna_Artiljerija and per the New American Century Plan, a new Pearl Harbor type event was needed for them to continue their plans in the Middle East - that event was 9/11

2019-04-15 19:04:27 UTC  

a roll aetos

2019-04-15 19:04:31 UTC