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Ancient homo sapiens headed north, fucked neanderthals, and evolved into a superior species due to harsh conditions. Other homo sapiens did not.

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@everyone can someone make a pic of the anticom logo on a page of the anticom logo slogan and website for the video I'm making??

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But where did neanderthallus come from

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Shoulda gotten punched harder desu

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Split off from earlier versions of humans

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so pretty much, niggers compared to every other race on earth didn't need to evolve beyond their current state?

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I'm a bit behind cause I had to go get food

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>tfw they are not able to evolve beyond the nigger state

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but damn that green jacket guy was based

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For those who haven't senn it

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No struggle, no need to improve

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african population btfo

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shit even the chinks had to figure out how to survive in the northernmost parts of Asian

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Japs too

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2050 its going to be insane

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@Iamawesom #weebhasthebestmemes

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Selective breeding works it just takes a looong time.

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>muh football

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read an interesting article on how niggers can't into abstract thinking because of their language

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Football Player Nationalism

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Is this gonna be a new thing?

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They seem to have latched on to the football thing

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Even natives had a concept of things like the future and promises

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This is what I meant by Spencer doing stupid shit sometimes

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He mentioned football and now they won't stop talking about it

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its just mind blowing a whole group of people are this stunted

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Is that girl wearing any pants?

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Yeah it's pretty good seeing normies being this receptive

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@Dardooder-NC hard to tell tbh

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Natural selection would take care of them if we'd stop all this damn foreign aid and welfare states