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2017-06-24 02:48:07 UTC  

I changed the definition of was to fit my marxist lexicon

2017-06-24 02:48:17 UTC  

was now means is

2017-06-24 02:48:45 UTC  

<@&282748276657356800> All vetting is henceforth suspended for a temporary period.

2017-06-24 02:48:59 UTC  

Fuck dude. You did overload it.

2017-06-24 02:49:11 UTC  

Now I will never get in.

2017-06-24 02:50:23 UTC  

I can assure you that vetting congestion has nothing to do with this.

2017-06-24 02:50:46 UTC  

It is likely that vetting will be opened again either later tomorrow or the day after.

2017-06-24 02:51:24 UTC  

fuck off we're full

2017-06-24 02:51:25 UTC  

@Manimalia stop clogging the anticom poophole

2017-06-24 02:51:27 UTC  

send the boats back

2017-06-24 02:51:36 UTC  

But in all seriousness don't worry, it will resume shortly

2017-06-24 02:52:11 UTC  

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe It was dead before I showed up.

2017-06-24 02:52:35 UTC  

You truly are a beam of sunshine, aren't you?

2017-06-24 02:52:54 UTC  

I detect sarcasm.

2017-06-24 02:53:04 UTC  

How astute.

2017-06-24 02:53:12 UTC  

>Tfw People from 4pol are complaining that we suspended vetting because we got faggots from 4pol

2017-06-24 02:53:29 UTC  

I saw this link on twitter

2017-06-24 02:53:36 UTC  

and joined

2017-06-24 03:00:46 UTC  

Travel ban

2017-06-24 03:01:36 UTC  

where you at in Okiehomo? @GoGo

2017-06-24 03:01:43 UTC  


2017-06-24 03:01:46 UTC  

I thought we were okay with faggots here?

2017-06-24 03:01:47 UTC  


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2017-06-24 03:02:06 UTC  

I got family in Sand Springs near Tulsa

2017-06-24 03:02:25 UTC  

Tulsa is gentrifying pretty well

2017-06-24 03:02:27 UTC  

I actually enjoy countercurrents, don't care if the guy eats chocolate out of downstairs mouths

2017-06-24 03:02:39 UTC  

even SA was led by homos

2017-06-24 03:02:53 UTC  

South Africa was also led by jews

2017-06-24 03:02:56 UTC  

so if they are bashing commies, and help me fasc the nation, I am happy

2017-06-24 03:03:08 UTC  

not until they let TV in @D.iogenes

2017-06-24 03:03:19 UTC  

Yeah the local nogs are getting restless

2017-06-24 03:03:23 UTC  

they didn't allow television in South Africa until mid 1970s

2017-06-24 03:03:30 UTC  

Suidlanders told me so

2017-06-24 03:03:38 UTC  

Tulsa Race Riots 2.0

2017-06-24 03:03:48 UTC  

dropping bombs out of airplanes

2017-06-24 03:03:49 UTC  


2017-06-24 03:03:55 UTC  

They were mad after the betty shelby thing but nothing came of it

2017-06-24 03:04:44 UTC  

"The Tulsa race riot, or Tulsa race riot of 1921, occurred between May 31 and June 1, 1921, when a white mob started attacking residents and businesses of the African-American community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma,[1] in what is considered one of the worst incidents of racial violence in the history of the United States.[2] The attack, carried out on the ground and by air, destroyed more than 35 blocks of the district, at the time the wealthiest black community in the nation. More than 800 people were admitted to hospitals and more than 6,000 black residents were arrested and detained, many for several days.[3] The Oklahoma Bureau of Vital Statistics officially recorded 39 dead, but the American Red Cross estimated 300, a number supported by historians since then."

2017-06-24 03:05:14 UTC  

They literally carpet bombed the black neighborhood with flaming turpentine bombs